Graduate Program History

As graduate education at UC Davis has developed since our first graduate degree was awarded in June of 1949, our degree offerings have changed names, split into different programs or transformed to meet current disciplinary directions. This rich history can be tracked by noting the evolutions below.

Note: Capital letters in parentheses denote each program's campus Banner code.

Split Programs

Original Program

Split Programs

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (GECM)
(Split into two programs in 1998)

Chemical Engineering (GECH) and Materials Science (GEMS)

Dramatic Art (GDRA)
(Split into two programs in 2006)
Dramatic Art (GDRA) continued to offer an MFA degree and Performance Studies (GPFS) offering a doctoral degree

Merged Programs

Original Programs Merged Program

Agronomy (GAGR), Horticulture (GHRT), and Vegetable Crops (GVCR)

Merged into Horticulture and Agronomy (GHAG)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBMB) and Cell and Developmental Biology (BCDB)

Merged into Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (GBCB)

Botany (GBOT) and Plant Physiology (GPPH)

Merged into Plant Biology (GPBI)

Programs with Name Changes

Old Name New Name

Agricultural Chemistry (GAGC)

Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry (GACH)

Agricultural Economics (GAGE)

Agricultural and Resources Economics (GARE)

Animal Science (GANS)

Animal Biology (GABG)

Agricultural Engineering (GENA)

Biological and Agricultural Engineering (GEBA)

Biochemistry (GBCH)

Biochemical and Molecular Biology (GBMB)

Biological and Agricultural Engineering (GEBA)

Biological Systems Engineering (GBSE)

Comparative Pathology (GCOP)

Integrative Pathobiology (GIPB)

Civil Engineering (GCIV)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (GECE)

Earth Science and Resources (GESR)

Hydrologic Science (GHYS)​

Electrical Engineering (GELE)

Electrical and Computer Engineering (GEEC)

English (Master's degree) (GENL)

Creative Writing (MFA degree) (GECW)

French (GFRE)

French and Francophone Studies (GFFS)

Genetics (GGEN)

​Integrative Genetics and Genomics (GIGG)

Geology (GGEL) Earth and Planetary Sciences (GEPS)

History of Art (GHIA)

Art History (GAHI)

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (GEMA)​

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (GMAE)

Mechanical Engineering (GMEC)

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (GEMA)​

Medical Informatics (GMDI)

Health Informatics (GMHI)

Neurobiology (GNEB)

Neuroscience (GNES)​

Nutrition (GNUT)

Nutritional Biology (GNUB)​

Physical Education (GPHE)

Exercise Science (GEXS)

Physiology (GPHS)

Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology (GMCP)

Plant Protection and Pest Management (GPPP)

Integrated Pest Management (GIPM)

Soil Science (GSSC)

Soils and Biogeochemistry (GSBG)​`

Textile Arts and Costume Design (GTCD)

Design (GDES)

Water Science (GWSC)

Hydrologic Sciences (GHYS)

Closed or Inactive Programs

Program Status

Agricultural Education (GAEC)

closed in 2000

Agricultural Education – M.Ed (GAED)

closed 1995

Agricultural Science and Management (GASM)

closed 1974​

Applied Science Engineering (GEAC)

closed 2012

Classics (GCLA)

closed 1970

Education-M.Ed (GEDM)

closed 1996

Educational Leadership (Joint Doctorate with Fresno, Program in Educational Leadership)

closed 2014

Endocrinology (GEDO)

closed 1988

Engineering (GENG)

closed 1993

Exercise Science (GEXS)

closed 2011

Integrated Pest Management (GIPM)

closed 2011

Joint Program with CSUS Education Credential (GEJC)


Rhetoric and Communication (GRCM)

closed 1996, reopened as Communication (GCMN) 2006

Special Program (GSPC)


Textile Arts and Costume Design (GTCD)

closed 2005

Zoology (GZOO)

closed 1994