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Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

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Graduate Studies offers unparalleled opportunities and support for professional and career development. The GradPathways Institute (GPI) provides innovative programming based on 8 core competencies.  This comprehensive program is designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars succeed in their chosen career paths both and at UC Davis. Nationally-recognized, the GradPathways Institute serves as a model for other graduate student and postdoctoral professional development programs across the nation. 

Why is professional development important for graduate students and postdocs?

Research skills and discipline-specific knowledge is only one aspect of your professional preparation at UC Davis.  Developing professional skills beyond your areas of specialization is critical for graduate students and postdocs to succeed in today’s dynamic and fast paced workforce, both in industry and academia and across all disciplines. 


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Graduate Studies is the home of the GradPathways Institute. GPI is supported through a combination of candidacy fees and donor sponsorship. Programming for each competency is provided through the Institute and in partnership with UC Davis campus units.* 

*Partners include: the Internship and Career Center, the Center for Educational Effectiveness, the University Writing Program, Counseling Services, the Graduate School of Management, and the Mike and Renee Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.