CGPSA 2021-2022

Chancellor's Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Board

The CGPSA board was established to facilitate direct communication between the Chancellor and graduate and professional students at the University of California, Davis. The board informs students about activities within the Offices of the Chancellor and provides comprehensive recommendations to the Chancellor on areas of graduate and professional student need. The purpose of the Chancellor’s Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board is to advise the Office of the Chancellor and advocate on the behalf of graduate and professional students.


We encourage any first-year and continuing graduate or professional student to apply for membership on the CGPSA board. A completed application (in PDF format) with curriculum vitae and answers to the supplemental questions must be emailed to the GSADC ( by 11:59 pm on October 7, 2022.

Apply to Participate on the CGPSA Board


Chaired by the Graduate Student Advisor to the Dean and the Chancellor (GSADC), the CGPSA board comprises 15-21 current graduate and professional students representing a variety of departments, graduate groups, professional schools, and perspectives on graduate student life. The board’s membership also reflects the diversity of graduate student experiences and identities across gender, race, class, ability, age, sexuality, and nationality.

2021-2022 Board Projects

1. Graduate Group Resources Review Subcommittee: A review of resources available to students in graduate groups and implementation of a survey for graduate students by graduate students.

2. Mental Health Resources Subcommittee: An analysis of mental health resources available to graduate students.

3. Graduate Students Finances Subcommittee: An assessment of graduate student financial concerns and needs (e.g., broketober, food and housing insecurity, and student parent resources).

4. COVID-19 Impact Review Subcommittee: An assessment of impact of pandemic on degree progress.

5. Student-Parents and Student-Caregivers Resources Subcommittee: An assessment of resources available to student-parents and student-caregivers. 

Board Reports

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