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Admitted Students


You have received an offer of admission for graduate study at UC Davis. You have submitted your Statement of Intent to Register. What's next?

Here is some important information and steps you will need to take:

  • You will need your UC Davis student ID number. That number is located on your admission letter.
  • All new students must establish a campus computing account and a UC Davis e-mail account. Go to the Information Technology website. Follow the instructions for establishing a computing account, Kerberos ID (your campus login ID) and password. It may take up to 48 hours after submitting the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) before you are able to access this function.
  • Now that you have been accepted and you have submitted your Statement of Intent to Register, established a Kerberos ID and password and have your UC Davis e-mail account, you can submit your Statement of Legal Residence (SLR). See "Preparing to File the Statements of Legal Residence (SLR)" for information on preparing your statement on the Office of the University Registrar's website. There is an online form which you will fill out and submit online.
  • You can access your university record through the Student Information System on the Web (SISWEB).
  • Be certain to get in touch with your Graduate Coordinator and Faculty Advisor in your graduate program as you prepare to start your graduate studies here at UC Davis. There may be program-specific requirements for you to meet before you register for classes.
  • When you are ready to enroll in coursework, access registration through Schedule Builder. Registration deadlines are available on the Office of the University Registrar's Academic Calendar.
  • You will need to obtain your AggieCard (the UC Davis identification card) in order to access certain services on campus. Starting July 2013, you can go to the AggieCard website and follow the steps listed for a graduate student to obtain an AggieCard.
  • Per university policy and IRS regulations, all students receiving financial support or who are or will be employed by the university are required to report his/her SSN to the university. Go to SISWEB, go to "Personal Information", and click the "Report SSN" link. Note: If you are temporarily in the United States to attend UC Davis with a nonimmigrant F-1, M-1 or J-1 student classification and you will not be receiving any financial support disbursed by the university, you are not required to obtain a social security number.
  • If you need to defer your offer of admission to a later term, contact your Graduate Program for approval. They will be responsible to submit the formal request for deferral to Graduate Studies. Admitted students are eligible to defer their admission for up to one calendar year.  All requests to defer must be made PRIOR to the first day of instruction for the term you are supposed to start your graduate study. NOTE - if you enroll in UC Davis graduate coursework and then attempt to request a deferral of admission, you will be directed to Withdraw and then Readmit at a later date instead.

Graduate Student Orientation

Our online Graduate Student Orientation is designed to introduce graduate students to the resources and services available at UC Davis. Topics and activities include:

  • Academic policies and milestones
  • Funding and financial support
  • Professional development
  • Diversity at UC Davis
  • Wellness and mental health

Graduate Student Orientation is held in mid-September of each year. To learn more, visit the Graduate Student Orientation webpage

Mandatory Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops 

The University of California is committed to creating and maintaining a community where all individuals who participate in university programs and activities can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation. Every member of the community should be aware that the university prohibits sexual harassment and sexual violence, and that such behavior violates both federal law and university policy. In concert with this commitment and recent legislation, the Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program is sponsoring instructor-led educational programming on sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention and resources. All graduate and professional school students new to UC Davis must attend one of these workshops. Please be aware that it is mandatory for you to attend a training session. Please bring your student ID to record your attendance; registration is not necessary.

The university’s policy on sexual harassment and sexual violence can be found at