Filing Fee

Updates to Filing Fee starting Winter 2023 

The information on this page is relevant for students applying for Filing Fee beginning Winter 2023. 

Students who have questions about Filing Fee for this quarter (Fall 2021) or would like to discuss your options for Winter 2023 or beyond, please email your SAA.  

What is Filing Fee?

Filing fee is an optional, one-time, non-registered status available to graduate students who have advanced to candidacy and completed all degree requirements except for the final administrative/clerical (non-research) steps involved in filing of their thesis/dissertation/capstone report or completion of their comprehensive exam. Filing Fee is not intended for students who are still in the process of completing/writing their thesis/dissertation/project and/or still require committee review of their final draft. See the Policy on Administration of Filing Fee (GS2022-02) for more details. 

Students in this status pay a $192 fee (instead of enrollment fees) for time to complete their final degree requirement(s) and file to graduate.  Filing Fee is an optional status available as an enrollment alternative for students filing to graduate during the quarter. 

Eligibility & Restrictions

To be eligible for Filing Fee, you must have:

  • Enrolled in the previous academic quarter (Fall, Winter, or Spring), including enrolled In Absentia - students returning from PELP or readmitting are not eligible for Filing Fee.
  • Advanced to Candidacy (have an approved Advancement to Candidacy application).
  • Completed all required coursework and degree requirements, except the final requirement(s).
  • Completed all research.
  • Completed a final draft of the thesis or dissertation that has been reviewed by your entire committee (not required for students completing a comprehensive exam).

While on Filing Fee, you may NOT:

  • Use any university facilities (e.g. Campus Recreation, laboratories, or desk space).  
    • Exceptions: You may purchase UC SHIP health insurance and ARC membership.  You may use career and professional development services offered through the Grad Pathways Institute, the Internship and Career Center, the University Writing Program, and associated programs.  You retain UC Davis Library and computing account access.
  • Utilize faculty time other than for the final reading of the thesis or dissertation and/or holding the final exam or assessment.
  • Receive a fellowship or financial aid.
  • Take coursework of any kind.
  • Conduct your thesis/dissertation research - Including work as a GSR related to your thesis/dissertation research
  • [Effective Spring 2023] Be employed in a student appointment position that required full-time enrollment in order to be eligible (i.e., TA, AI, Reader, GSR)


Students applying for Filing Fee status must complete the following by the first day of instruction for the intended Filing Fee quarter:

  1. Completion Plan: must be reviewed approved/signed by the student and all committee members. You can use the template included in the Filing Fee application or attach a spreadsheet/document as long as it includes the details required in the template. See Completion Plan Guidelines for more Information.
  2. Payment of Filing Fee: Pay the $192 fee either: 
    1. Online with a debit or credit card in the GS Forms Store - forward the receipt email to your Graduate Coordinator, OR
    2. In-Person with check or money order only - bring the completed application to the Cashier’s Office in Dutton Hall for a signature stamp
  3. Submit the Filing Fee Application: complete the filing fee application via GradSphere
    1. Note: In order to ensure your program can submit your complete application to Graduate Studies by the deadline, students should plan to have their documents ready for program review at least one week before the Graduate Studies deadline.

You will receive an email notification from Graduate Studies after your application is reviewed.  Note: applications that are incomplete and/or do not have an accompanying signed completion plan will be returned to the student. Students will be notified of the final decision on their Filing Fee application by the 10th day of instruction.

What happens after my application is approved?

Once approved, your student status will be recorded as Filing Fee status and you will not be charged the regular tuition and fees for the quarter. Students who are approved for Filing Fee status cannot be enrolled/registered in courses during the Filing Fee quarter. Completed forms must be submitted to Graduate Studies by the first day of instruction to avoid owing a percentage of enrollment fees based on the UC Davis Schedule of Refunds.  If you originally enrolled/registered for courses during the Filing Fee quarter, the Office of the Registrar will drop any enrolled courses for the quarter - you do NOT need to drop your courses/withdraw from the term. 

What happens if my application is denied?

The last day to add/register for courses for the quarter is the 12th day of instruction for domestic students. International students with an F1 or J1 visa must have a student status by the 10th day of instruction.

UC SHIP Health Insurance Coverage while on Filing Fee

Voluntary UC SHIP Health Insurance coverage (students who did not enroll in the quarter) 

Students can sign up for Voluntary SHIP by completing the webform linked on the Voluntary SHIP webpage and attaching the email confirmation of your Filing Fee status you will receive from Graduate Studies after your Filing Fee Application is approved and processed.  You are responsible for paying the associated fees for the quarter.  

Students who are enrolled in the Filing fee quarter.

Students who were initially enrolled in the quarter and are now on Filing Fee may have been charged for UC SHIP at the beginning of the quarter has part of the regular tuition and fees. The UC SHIP Health Insurance charge is not automatically refunded when enrolled students are placed on Filing Fee status after the first day of the quarter. 

You have two options if you were already charged for UC SHIP coverage due to enrollment:

  • Retain your SHIP coverage but you are responsible for paying the $1750 fee for the quarter.  You do not need to enroll in Voluntary SHIP in this case, and can take no action beyond paying the fee by the 8th week of the quarter grad fee payment deadline.
  • Request Cancel/Refund of your SHIP coverage (if you do not need coverage for the quarter) by submitting the UC SHIP Cancel/Refund Request form to

Expectations for Completion

Students on Filing Fee are expected to fulfill their final requirement(s) as stated in their completion plan or by their final examination date, and file for graduation by the last day of instruction

  • Students filing a thesis/dissertation or submitting a final project must file to graduate by the last day of instruction. 
    • [Effective Spring 2023] Graduate Studies will cancel the filing fee status for students who do not file by the deadline. Students will then be enrolled in 12 units for the quarter. The student’s graduate program may be responsible for the full registration fees that will result from the Filing Fee cancellation if Graduate Studies determines that the reason for delay in filing is due to the committee changing the expectations or not reviewing the final version in a timely manner.
  • For the completion of a Master’s capstone project/report, Graduate Studies must receive the student’s signed Master's Plan II or MFA Report form with confirmation of the student’s successful completion of the final degree requirement by the last day of instruction.
  • Students completing a comprehensive examination that do not pass and/or file for graduation by the end of the quarter will not be allowed to extend their filing fee status to the next quarter. They will have to readmit and enroll in the next quarter to complete the requirement.


Please see the Filing Fee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for additional guidance. Students and programs can also connect with a Senior Academic Advisor by emailing your SAA.