Academic Standing & Progress

Stay on Track

Stepping on the rollercoaster of graduate school can be a daunting experience, but you’re not riding alone.  Your Graduate Advisor, Major Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator, and Graduate Studies Senior Academic Advisors are all part of your graduate school support network.  Your program will monitor your progress by keeping you on the track to meet degree milestones, like passing required coursework, exams, and advancing to candidacy. Your faculty advisors will help you make a plan for success and assist with documenting your progress by completing Student Progress Assessments (SPA's)

In order to remain in good standing at UC Davis, you must maintain a 3.0+ cumulative and term GPA, and make satisfactory progress towards your degree.  Students who are not able to maintain these standards will discuss next steps with their faculty advisors.  These could range from creating an individualized progress plan or taking a temporary Planned Educational Leave (PELP) to withdrawal or disqualification from the program.  Graduate Studies supports students and programs to ensure students have an opportunity to remediate poor performance. Maintaining good communication with your advisors, understanding your requirements, and setting achievable goals are crucial elements in working towards your graduate degree.  You can do this!