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Graduate Student Resource Guide

UC Davis Resources for Graduate Students

There are numerous resources to help keep you on track and enrich your graduate education experience. Maybe you just need to know when and how to file paperwork. Perhaps you'd like to connect with other graduate students or find a paid position to support yourself. There will undoubtedly be points during your graduate education career you'll need support and advice from others to make it through a difficult time, and it's important that you ask for help when you need it. Whatever you might need, Graduate Studies and the campus offer many resources to support you.

Your Advocates and Representatives

Graduate Studies works closely with the Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor as well as other student representative groups. Learn more and get in touch with your representatives by visiting our representation and leadership page.

If you still need help after reviewing the resources in this guide, reach out to Graduate Studies for help. Start by emailing your SAA, and we'll connect you with the appropriate staff member to help you address your needs, or contact a staff member directly through our staff directory.