Withdrawal and Readmission


Graduate Studies highly recommends that students considering withdrawal from their graduate program, discuss their plans and options with a Graduate Advisor and/or their Graduate Program Coordinator.  If a temporary leave is needed, students should consider the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP).  Employed students may be eligible for Family and Medical Leave.

  • Withdrawal Process for Unregistered Students
  • Graduate students who have not registered and choose to withdraw from their program can do so by not enrolling in any units for the upcoming quarter. After one unregistered quarter has passed, the student will be automatically placed on inactive status. Official withdrawal is not necessary, but notifying the Graduate Program Coordinator is encouraged. 
  • Withdrawal Process for Registered Students
  • Graduate students who wish to withdraw from a quarter in which they are enrolled must use the withdrawal webform at the bottom of the Registrar's Office Cancellation/Withdrawal webpage

    Students are not able to drop all classes on their own without submitting the cancellation/withdrawal webform.  Registered students who withdraw after the first day of instruction will be charged a percentage of fees based on the Registrar's Office Schedule of Refunds.  In extenuating circumstances, students may submit a General Appeal along with documentation to the OUR Grade Change Committee to request adjusted fees.
  • Financial Aid & Funding
  • The effect of withdrawal on a student's financial aid and funding is dependent on the date of withdrawal and awards received for the quarter.  Students should discuss financial questions with their Graduate Program Coordinator and a Financial Aid representative, if applicable.
  • UC SHIP Health Insurance
  • After the first day of instruction, enrolled students who withdraw may email the Cancellation and Refund Request form to insurance@shcs.ucdavis.edu in order to cancel their UC SHIP services.  Enrolled students who do not cancel their UC SHIP may use health and counseling services for the quarter, but will owe the full fee.  
  • International Students
  • International students must discuss withdrawal with their SISS advisor prior to submitting the withdrawal webform.  Withdrawing from the university will affect student visa eligibility, and students may need to leave the US.  


Students who have been absent from their program for at least a quarter, and were not on approved leave, or those who were unable to complete their final requirement(s) during filing fee, may apply for readmission to the same program and objective using the Readmission Application.  Former students planning to start a new major or degree objective, must submit an Application for Graduate Admission.

Readmission is not guaranteed.  Programs may require former students to submit admissions materials, or they may choose not to approve readmission.

  • Readmission Process
  • A completed Readmission Application must be submitted by the 10th day of instruction for the quarter to which the student is readmitting.

    1.  The former student must discuss readmission with a Graduate Advisor in their program - Graduate Advisor signature is required.  Programs may request updated admissions materials (new statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, etc.), and are not required to readmit former students.
    2.  If readmission is approved by the program, the student will pay the $70 readmission fee. The fee may be paid at the Cashier’s Office or online at the GS Forms Store.  
    3.  The student will submit the approved readmission application along with proof of payment to their Graduate Program Coordinator. Coordinators will send the form to Graduate Studies for review and processing.

    Contact information for Graduate Advisors and Graduate Program Coordinators is available on the program page.

  • International Students
  • Those who are on or who will need an F-1 visa must contact an SISS advisor to discuss the readmission requirements including the Certification of Finances and issue of an I-20.
  • Transcripts
  • Official transcripts for all work completed (including UC Davis Extension or concurrent UC enrollment) since last attending UC Davis as a graduate student must be provided before readmission will be processed. Electronic transcripts should be submitted from the other school to your SAA. Paper transcripts may be mailed to Graduate Studies, c/o Graduate Academic Services.
  • Statement of Legal Residence
  • A Statement of Legal Residence form may be required upon the student's approved readmission, depending on the length of time they were away from UC Davis, or changes to their immigration or visa status. Questions concerning requirements for California Residence should be directed to a Residence Deputy (residencedeputy@ucdavis.edu).   For further information, review the California Residence for Purpose of Tuition webpage.
  • Registration
  • Information about registration is available on the Register for Classes website.  Readmitted students should discuss course selection with a Graduate Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator in their program.
  • Approved Readmit Checklist
  • Readmitted students should complete the following prior to their first return quarter:
    ☐ Pay the Readmission Fee and forward the receipt to your Graduate Coordinator.
    ☐ Meet with a Graduate Advisor or the Graduate Chair to create a return plan – What requirements remain? What are the next steps?
    ☐ International Students, contact SISS about your readmission and to update any status documents.
    ☐ If you have trouble accessing your computing account after readmission has been processed, contact ithelp@ucdavis.edu.
    ☐ If you’ve been living outside California, contact the Residence Deputies (residencedeputy@ucdavis.edu) to determine your status.
    ☐ How are you paying fees? – ask your Coordinator or major professor about available positions, browse options on Handshake, submit the FAFSA if planning to use student loans, etc.
    ☐ Register for classes – ask your Graduate Coordinator if you need assistance.
    ☐ Begin transitioning any health or mental health care as soon as possible once enrolled in UC SHIP, or submit a waiver if you are not using SHIP coverage.
    ☐ Reconnect with previous committee members, or ask your Graduate Advisor to help you connect with current faculty.