Mentoring Up

About The Mentoring Up Initiative and Advisory Board

The Mentoring Up Initiative will create a mentee program to complement our faculty mentoring program (Graduate Mentoring Initiative). In close consultation with an advisory board, we will develop a training program for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars across disciplines on managing mentoring relationships as mentees. The advisory board will consist of graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, staff, and faculty. 

This program will develop the skills of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in navigating mentoring relationships with faculty. Students and scholars who develop positive mentoring relationships experience benefits to their academic performance, research quality and output, and well-being. This program will provide graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, particularly those new to campus and/or from underrepresented communities, with much-needed access to mentoring resources. These sessions will provide open dialogues around mentorship as well as a community of support. The sessions will include participants from across disciplines and campus, providing a space where participants can share their experiences without fear of judgment from their program, learn they are not alone in their experiences,  allowing all to hear strategies that have worked for others they would not normally interact with on campus. Scholarship confirms that support from peers increases connection, confidence, and networking for students and scholars.

This program will also provide some experienced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with professional development opportunities to serve as program facilitators. 

The Advisory Board will create the curriculum for Mentoring Up and oversee its development through a pilot phase and into annual implementation.  We are seeking graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with an interest in mentoring to attend meetings in Winter and Spring quarters in 2022, during which a group of students, scholars, faculty, and staff will collaborate.