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Graduate Student Orientation

About Aggie 201

Sponsored by Graduate Studies, Aggie 201 is an online orientation platform that provides a resource and services overview for new graduate students. Consisting of modules and videos, Aggie 201 helps new students prepare for some of the expected and unexpected aspects of graduate school. We encourage all incoming graduate students to use orientation as an opportunity to become familiar with the various university processes and services.

The online orientation provides incoming students with the ability to learn about key areas of their graduate experience and identify the right individuals to answer their questions before they arrive on campus. Users also have the ability to reference the orientation platform throughout their graduate career.

Accessing Aggie 201

  • Step One: Submit Your Statement of Intent to Register
  • Completing your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) lets us know that you plan to enroll in your graduate program at UC Davis. You will be unable to complete orientation, get your student ID card, or register for classes until you’ve submitted your SIR. To complete your SIR, follow the steps listed below:

    - Log in to the Applicant Status Portal and view your admission letter using the link provided to you via email.
    - Open the "Statement of Intent to Register Form" and select the “Accept or Decline Your Admission to Graduate Study at UC Davis.”
    - Use the form to indicate whether you accept the admission offer (the deadline to do so is August 1).
    - Review the "Next Steps" section to see what else is needed to prepare for graduate study at UC Davis.

  • Step Two: Establish Computing Account in Applicant Status Portal
  • 1. You must establish your Campus Computing Account, this includes your UC Davis Email address, before you can register for Orientation. Click the "Establish Computing Account" in the "Next Steps Checklist." 

    2. Click the hyperlink in the 'Next Steps Checklist' labeled "New Student Orientation" for more information.

  • Step Three: Begin Graduate Student Orientation 
  • Log into your status portal with the email address you used when applying to UC Davis.
    Once your computing account is created, click the hyperlink in the 'Next Steps Checklist' labeled "New Student Orientation" to begin.

    If you receive an error message about “not enrolled”, the message is related to the DUO connection. Please contact IET and they will be able to assist with connecting your device for DUO authentication.

Have questions about orientation? Email us at gradorientation@ucdavis.edu.