Finishing Your Degree

Crossing the Finish Line

Congratulations!  You have completed all of your required coursework and degree requirements.  Your thesis or dissertation has been approved, or you’ve passed your comprehensive exam/capstone course, or you had a successful project/show.  Now, Graduate Studies needs to process your final paperwork to file you to graduate and add your name to the degree list.

Filing your Thesis or Dissertation

If you’ve written a thesis or dissertation, you’ll submit it electronically through ProQuest ETD, and send your filing paperwork to the Graduate Studies Senior Academic Advisors (SAA's).  Information about everything filing is available on the Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation website.  In Fall, Winter, and Spring, Graduate Studies SAA's host a live Filing Workshop.  Dates for the next workshops and recordings of the previous workshop are available on the Filing page.  The Publishing Options, Embargo, & Copyright page includes answers to many questions about ownership, protection, and release of the thesis and dissertation

The filing deadline for each degree list (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) is three weeks prior to the last day of the quarter.  Students who file in the last three weeks of the quarter will be on the next quarter degree list, but don't need to enroll in that quarter.  Students who file after the last day of Fall, Winter, and Summer quarters will need to enroll in or go on filing fee for that quarter.  Review the Academic Dates & Deadlines calendar to help you determine a date to file.  

Finishing the Master's Plan II or MFA

Master’s Plan II students (comprehensive exam, project, capstone course) and MFA students do not complete the filing process with Graduate Studies, but do need to pass their exam/capstone or have an approved project/show by the last day of the quarter to be added to that quarter degree list.  These dates are listed on the Academic Dates & Deadlines Calendar

Your Graduate Coordinator or major professor will submit your Master's Report or MFA Report to Graduate Studies.  Receiving the report is the cue for the SAA's to file you to graduate.  To receive a degree conferral letter from Graduate Studies confirming you have completed the degree, students you also submit the Exit Information Form to your Graduate Coordinator for signature and forwarding to Graduate Studies.  Review the Completing the Master's Plan II or MFA page for more information.

Have Questions?

Graduate Studies Senior Academic Advisors (SAA's) manage the filing and graduation process for all grad students. SAA's are available to answer questions and provide support on email, Slack, or by appointment.  

Review the Diplomas, Transcripts, and Verification page for information about the conferral letter and verifying your degree.