Carmen Cortez, a graduate in ecology, stands in the Ecological Garden of the Student Farm

Graduate Diversity Initiatives

Holistic Review

Holistic review, whole file review, or comprehensive review, all refer to the consideration of quantitative and qualitative criteria and background, such as GPA, coursework, and personal motivations, values, and experiences without applying specific criteria as cutoff points, such as an overall GPA or test scores, to quickly reduce the number of applications to consider for admissions. To address equity, inclusiveness and social justice, graduate program faculty define a common set of criteria, participate in faculty admissions training and employ rubrics to maintain consistent and equitable admissions outcomes.

Holistic U Program for Incoming Students

Holistic U is an orientation experience which focuses on the unique issues facing newly admitted graduate students from historically marginalized communities. It is designed to prepare participating students for issues they may experience in their first year of graduate school through interactive workshops, panels, and networking activities with their peers, faculty, and staff. It is open to all students who are committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive academic environment.

Graduate Anti-Racism Initiative

UC Davis Graduate Studies opposes racial bias in any part of graduate education and training, and yet acknowledges that racism has shaped the development of academic research, methods of training graduate students and postdocs, and the make-up of faculty, students, and postdoctoral scholars.  Such bias has limited who has access to the development of human knowledge and has placed limits on that knowledge. We, therefore, commit to re-envisioning graduate education and training that actively rejects racist assumptions and structures.

Competitive Edge Summer Bridge Program

The UC Davis Competitive Edge summer bridge program is an eight-week “early start” research and professional development program for selected incoming graduate students. Competitive Edge is motivated by the belief that a diverse graduate student body enhances the quality of the educational experience for all students. Tied directly to UC Davis' strategic plan To Boldly Go, Competitive Edge works towards fulfilling our mission to be fully inclusive and supportive of all students.

First Generation Grads Initiative

First-generation graduate students is one group which struggle with navigating the varied spaces within higher education. This initiative is designed to address the needs of first-generation graduate students with a multi-pronged approach involving 1) peer mentorship, 2) professional development, and 3) a series of networking events. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to support graduate students in their development and ensure student success.