Intercampus Exchange

Intercampus Exchange Program

A graduate student in good academic standing, who has completed at least one quarter in residence at UC Davis can apply to register on any campus of the University of California through the Intercampus Exchange Program, with the approval of:

  • The student’s Graduate Advisor
  • The Department Chair of the host UC campus department
  • The Deans of the Graduate Divisions from both the home and the host campus

This program is for graduate students in state-supported programs who are seeking opportunities to contact scholars and experience fields of study and facilities not available at UC Davis.  The Intercampus Exchange Program is intended to provide students the opportunity to occasionally enroll in courses unavailable on their home campus. It is not intended to permit students to take most or all of their coursework at other UC campuses. Students who wish to transfer to another UC campus and complete degree requirements there must submit an application for admission to that campus.  This program is for academic terms only, if you are interested in enrolling in coursework at another UC during the summer please visit their respective summer sessions website for registration information pertaining to their summer session classes.  

Students must be enrolled in coursework or research units at UC Davis while enrolled in units through Intercampus Exchange and the combined units should be equivalent to at least 12 quarter units.  Students will have library, health center, and other student privileges on both campuses.  Grades earned at the host campus will be transferred to UC Davis after the term and entered on the UC Davis official transcript.  A new application is required for each term in which the student plans to take courses at another UC.

Intercampus Exchange Program Application Process

  1. Enroll in courses at UC Davis.  To participate in Intercampus Exchange, you must be simultaneously enrolled at UC Davis while you take courses at another UC. 
    • Graduate Studies recommends students register for 12 units at UC Davis in case their intercampus exchange is not approved.  If it is approved, you may drop a course or reduce 299 units.  
    • Standard enrollment fees are charged through and must be paid at UC Davis.  You are not charged separately by the other UC.  
  2. Check the start date for the UC campus term.  The Intercampus Exchange Program (ICEP) Application form must be received by Graduate Studies at least 4 weeks prior to the term start date of the other UC campus.  No exceptions will be made.
  3. Complete the ICEP Application, obtain the signature of your Program Chair or a Graduate Advisor, and return the form to your Graduate Coordinator for submission to Graduate Studies.
    • It is important to ensure you list the correct number and name of the UC course in which you would like to register.  Graduate Studies recommends that you verify through the UC department’s website or by asking the instructor.
  4. Graduate Studies Senior Academic Advisors will review your application, and communicate with counterparts at the other UC to obtain host campus signatures.  
  5. If approved, the other UC Registrar will contact you to assist with enrollment, and the UC Davis Registrar will add placeholder units on your transcript for the quarter(s).
    • Units for Intercampus Exchange courses at UC's on the semester system will be split between two quarters.  
    • If you decide not to pursue intercampus exchange, please notify both the UC Davis the other UC Registrar's Offices.  
  6. Once you have completed the course, the other UC Registrar's Office will send an official transcript to the UC Davis Registrar's Office to update the grade on your transcript.
    • This process is completed for all intercampus exchange students, and the grade may not be reflected on your transcript for up to a full quarter after you were enrolled.  

Upcoming Fall Term 2023 Application Deadlines: 

  • July 16, 2023: Deadline for Graduate Studies at UC Davis to receive a IEP application for a UC Davis student who wants to attend a class at UC Berkeley.  UC Berkeley’s Fall Semester begins on August 16, 2023.
  • August 25, 2023: Deadline to receive a IEP application for a UC Davis student who wants to attend a class at UCLA.  UCLA’s Fall Quarter begins on September 25, 2023. 
  • August 25, 2023: Deadline for UC Davis to receive any IEP applications from other UC campuses as our Fall Quarter begins on September 25, 2023.