Proof of Degree Requirements for New Admits

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the shutdowns in response to the pandemic, please note that mail services on our campus (as well as at many other colleges and universities) has been significantly delayed.  Physical transcripts/academic records sent to our office may take additional time to arrive, and document processing upon arrival may take 5-10 business days. Please review the instructions below for additional details.

Admission to graduate study at UC Davis is contingent upon providing proof of your earned undergraduate degree to UC Davis Graduate Studies. Proof of degree registration holds are placed for some incoming graduate students due to the following reasons:

  • At the time you applied and submitted your academic records, you had not yet earned your undergraduate degree, or
  • The academic records you provided when you applied did not include adequate proof of your earned undergraduate degree

Please note that the Proof of Degree hold will not prevent you from enrolling in your first academic quarter at UC Davis. However, you must provide proof of your earned degree to UC Davis Graduate Studies before you will be able to enroll in your second academic quarter at UC Davis. Please see the instructions below for details.

Proof of degree from U.S. colleges and universities

UC Davis Graduate Studies will only accept official transcripts from U.S. colleges and universities as proof of an earned undergraduate degree. The degree name, major, and conferral date (including day, month, and year) must appear on the official transcript. 

For incoming graduate students who have earned their degree in the spring or summer immediately prior to the start of their graduate study at UC Davis, please note that many U.S. colleges and universities do not post earned undergraduate degrees to their transcripts until weeks or even months following the official graduation date. Before ordering your transcripts, please check to be certain that your degree has posted.

You can find instructions for submitting your official transcripts showing your earned degree on our Transcript Requirements for New Admits web page.

Proof of degree from international colleges and universities

Incoming graduate students who have earned undergraduate degrees from colleges and universities outside of the U.S. must provide their final academic records from their undergraduate institution, including both final transcripts and the official document(s) of record from their institution showing their earned degree. For example, students who earned their undergraduate degree in China must provide official transcripts showing final grades earned, diploma, and bachelor's degree certificate. Students who earned their undergraduate degree in India must provide official university-issued marksheets showing final grades and the diploma.

Proof of degree documents provided by your institution must list the name of the degree earned (for example, "Bachelor of Arts" or "Bachelor of Engineering"), the subject or major in which the degree was earned (for example, "Psychology" or "Electrical Engineering"), and the date (including the month, day, and year) that the institution awarded the degree.

For instructions on how to submit these documents to UC Davis Graduate Studies, please visit our Transcript Requirements for New Admits web page and follow the same instructions you would use to submit transcripts.