Facility Use Guidelines

Soft Opening Reservation Restrictions: During our soft opening, we will not be accepting Graduate Coordinator reservations, event reservations by registered graduate student organizations, or postdoctoral scholars as we continue to prepare our new facility. Only the following reservations will be approved:
Building Tenants: Meetings and Events (meeting and conference rooms)
Registered Graduate Student Organizations: Meetings (meeting rooms only)
Postdoctoral Scholars: Meetings (meeting rooms only)
Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Parents: Meetings (Parent Study Lounge only)
*Shared study space will be available when no reservations exist
*We hope to open space reservations to Graduate Program Coordinators by Spring 2022
*Operations may change if covid-19 Campus Ready guidelines change

Facility Use

Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Graduate Coordinators may reserve space within the Graduate Center for activities and events that support graduate education or graduate student life at no cost. Examples of these sorts of events include: colloquia, lecture series, guest speakers, recruitment activities, and qualifying exams. Space is not available for reoccurring classes, please contact the Registrar's office for classroom requests.

NOTE: The Graduate Center is not available for reservation by undergraduate student organizations, campus departments, or external organizations.

All room reservations must be placed through our online Event Management System. Reserved room access and use must occur within the allotted reservation times. Reservation times must include the client’s event preparation, catering, decoration, and/or rehearsal time as well as time after the event to clean, remove decorations, equipment, and other items. Limited staff support is available for audiovisual assistance and room configurations in the Gibeling and West conference rooms. Staffing is not available for mid-event room configuration changes unless approved in advance by the Graduate Center Manager.

Clients shall observe all applicable policies of the Graduate Center, Conference and Event Services, and the University of California, Davis, including all local, state, and federal laws and ordinances. Clients shall only have the use of the facility for the sole purpose stated when reserved within the Event Management System. Clients shall not make any alterations to the facility, building systems or equipment. At the end of the event, the facility shall be left in a clean, safe condition. Client shall remove own property and materials from the facility, as well as those of Client’s performers, decorators and/or caterers. 

Any equipment/props/decorations left in the facility must have prior approval from Facility Management or it will be disposed of 48 hours following the event.

Building Hours

The Graduate Center is open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday (excluding university holidays). Event and Meeting reservations outside of these hours are not permitted.

Graduate Student Meeting & Event Requirements 

To host an event or meeting(s) in the Graduate Center, Graduate Students must be an Authorized Reserver in an active Registered Graduate Student Organization managed by the Center for Student Involvement. Only Authorized Reservers may reserve space for their organization.  Please note all Graduate Students have access to request meeting and event space. However, only authorized reservers will have reservation requests approved. Authorized reservers must submit an Aggie Life form with all meeting and event reservations. Special event reservations require at least two weeks' notice for approval processing. Student Organizations may not place reservations on behalf of other organizations. 

Individual Graduate Students may reserve meeting rooms through their Graduate Coordinator for qualifying exam preparation or presentation. Additionally, individual students may use meeting rooms when no reservations exist. See our Shared Study Space policy below for additional information.

Postdoctoral Scholar Meeting & Event Requirements 

To host an event or meeting(s) in the Graduate Center, Postdoctoral Scholars must read all related policies for reserving space in the Graduate Center. As campus employees, when you reserve space within the Graduate Center, your department accepts all event/meeting-related liability. Upon event submission, please include your Department Manager's contact information. Postdoctoral Scholars may not place reservations on behalf of other organizations. 

Graduate Coordinator Meeting & Event Requirements

To host an event or meeting(s) in the Graduate Center, Postdoctoral Scholars must read all related policies for reserving space in the Graduate Center. As campus employees, when you reserve space within the Graduate Center, your department accepts all event/meeting-related liability. Graduate Coordinators may not place reservations on behalf of other organizations. 

Scheduling Priorities

The Graduate Center has a "rolling" tiered reservation model:

  • 24 Months - Graduate Studies Vice Provost & Dean
  • 18 Months - Building Tenants (Student Facing Activities)
  • 12 Months - Building Tenants (Internal Facing Activities)
  • 6 months -  Registered Graduate Student Organizations & Graduate Coordinators
  • 3 months - External Graduate Studies Partners 

Shared Study Space

When there are no reservations in the Graduate Center's meeting rooms (1212, 1004, 1003, 1136). Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars may use the rooms for "shared study" space. These rooms are available for shared study on a first come first serve basis. Users must check the electronic room schedulers outside the rooms to determine availability.

Parent Study Lounge

The Parent Study Lounge is prioritized for Graduate students and Postdoctoral Scholar parents with children. Student parents may reserve the room online for meetings, or informally drop in to use the space when no reservations exist. All other students without children are welcome to use the room for Shared Study Space on a first come first serve basis when it is empty but must vacate once a student parent with children arrives. 

Room use policies:

  • Priority is given to graduate student and postdoctoral scholar parents.
  • The room may be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior. Do not leave your children unattended. If an unsupervised child comes to the attention of building personnel, UC Davis Police will be contacted.
  • No childcare is provided. 
  • Please do not use the room for diaper changing. Changing tables are available in the restrooms.
  • Please take care to collect all personal belongings when leaving the room and place furniture back in place. Report any cleanliness issues to the front desk. If cleaning supplies are needed, please contact the front desk.

Lactation Room

The Graduate Center is fortunate to have a lactation room (1204). UC Davis affiliation and registration are required for use as this room is not for public use.  


All caterers contracted to serve food in The Graduate Center must be campus-approved by Conference and Event Services. For full-service catered meals, students, faculty, and staff will be required to utilize the on-campus caterer, Olive and Vine.  In the event that Olive and Vine is unable to support the service, additional guidance on options will be provided by CES. For further information, please refer to Conference and Event Services Food and Beverage policies


The Graduate Center welcomes potlucks at all "closed events". A closed event is defined as an event not open to the public.

Providers must refer to the Food Safety Course which can be found at LMS (course titled "Food Safety Online Training") 

For further information, please refer to Conference and Event Services Food and Beverage policies


All alcohol must be pre-approved by submitting an alcohol permit to Conference and Event Services. The event client must provide a copy of the completed Campus Alcohol Permit Alcohol and may only be served by an approved, registered caterer or registered bar service.  The server must have liquor liability and general liability insurance, and accept full responsibility for adhering to the contents of the alcohol permit and ensuring that guests consuming alcohol are at least 21 years of age and do not become intoxicated. In some cases, security personnel, such as Aggie Hosts, may be required. Alcohol may not be stored at the facility prior to or after your event reservation. Upon delivery, alcohol cannot be left unattended at any time.

Alcohol may only be served in designated event spaces, which include:

  • Gibeling Conference Room 1220
  • West Conference Room 1230
  • East Conference Room 1130
  • Graduate Commons 1210 - Facility manager approval required.


Campus Custodial provides the Graduate Center with basic daily custodial support. Event clients are responsible for cleaning and restoring each room to the state in which they found it. Any damages or custodial issues must be reported to the student building supervisor immediately. 

  • When food is served, care must be taken not to damage the room furnishings. All food and trash must be removed promptly following the meeting, and surfaces must be wiped clean. If meals are served, the trash must be removed to the dumpster outside, rather than filling the trash receptacle in the room or in the hall. The student building supervisor can provide extra garbage bags and cleaning supplies upon request. Alternatively, a user can telephone the Custodial Division at 530-752-1831 for a special pickup, which will be recharged to the user.  
  • Event clients may be held financially responsible for damage or additional custodial services. 

Event Security

Graduate Studies and the UC Davis Police Department shall solely determine and control security arrangements including, but not limited to, type and number of security personnel including placement and use. The event sponsor shall pay the cost of such services unless determined otherwise by the university. Cost estimates for security can be obtained from the Aggie Host Coordinator of the UC Davis Police Department at (530) 752-3279.


Service Animals are allowed within the Graduate Center. A Service Animal is a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. 

Animals NOT permitted: The following are NOT Service Animals:  1) non-dog animals, except in some cases miniature horses; 2) animals that solely serve to deter crime; 3) emotional support, comfort, and companion animals.

Fire Prevention

The UC Davis Fire Department must approve the following in advance: cooking, burning of materials, pyro-devices, or torches. Candles are not permitted in the facility. The Graduate Center enforces fire protection safety codes and is subject to inspection by the UC Davis Fire Department. 

Liability Insurance

Depending on the nature and scope of facility use, the event client may be required to furnish a certificate of insurance naming the University of California, Davis, and various University entities as additionally insured. Proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance and automobile insurance may also be required. The Graduate Center must receive the required certificates fourteen days prior to the event date.

Bulletin Board

The Graduate Commons has a bulletin board available for approved graduate-level postings. University departments and registered affiliate organizations can submit postings no larger than 8.5x11" to the Graduate Center front desk for approval. Please allow one week for processing. Posting will be limited to two academic quarters. Un-approved postings and expired postings (after event dates, etc.) will be removed. 


Bicycles are not permitted inside the Graduate Center.