• As of April 1st - all Advising Forms must be submitted via GradSphere
  • Using Fillable PDF Forms - Forms are linked through Box.  First, download the file as a PDF, then complete the fillable PDF fields.
  • Submitting Forms - Submit completed forms to your Graduate Program Coordinator according to your department process. Coordinators are responsible for sending forms to Graduate Studies by uploading/emailing to the GS Submitted Box.  
  • Electronic signatures are permitted on all Graduate Studies forms.  Students may use any format.  Faculty should use their Adobe signature, a signature format used by the program (e.g. docusign), or a facsimile of their original signature.  
  • Forms with Fees - Candidacy, Filing Fee, and Readmission fees can be paid online at the GS Forms Store (link available on the forms) or by submitting a check or money order to the Cashier's Office. If paying online, you will receive an email receipt which must be forwarded to your Graduate Program Coordinator.


Form Categories


Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Plan A (GS320)
Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Plan B (GS321)
Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Plan C (GS322)
Candidacy for the Master's Degree - Thesis Plan I (GS313)
Candidacy for the Master's Degree - Comprehensive Exam/Project Plan II (GS314)
Candidacy for the Master of Fine Arts (GS339)

Committee Membership & Graduate Advisor Appointment

External Committee Membership Application (GS311)
Reconstitution of Committee Membership Request (GS332)
Graduate Advisor Appointment Nomination (GS400) - for graduate program use

Designated Emphases & Graduate Certificates

Designated Emphasis Application (GS323)
Designated Emphasis Report Form - Final Verification (GS324)
Graduate Academic Certificate (GAC) / Graduate Academic Unit Certificate (GAUC) Application (GS309)
Graduate Academic Certificate (GAC) / Graduate Academic Unit Certificate (GAUC) Report Form - Final Verification (GS310)

Fellowships & Funding

Graduate Student Eligibility Checklist (GS103)
Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators, State of California
Non-Government Sponsors and No Human Subjects Use (Form 800, Contracts & Grants)
CGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award Nomination (Marr Prize)
External Fellowships Matching Commitment Request (GS517)
Graduate Student Financial Support Fellowship Payment Request Form 24-25 (GS503-1) 
Graduate Student GSR (BR) Trainee & Fellow Tuition and Fee Payment Request Form - 24-25 (GS503-2) - Available August 1, 2024. Beginning July 1, 2024, all stipend payments should go through UC PATH
Graduate Studies Banner Fund Code Request - for graduate program use 
Graduate Studies Banner Fellowship Allocation Request - for graduate program use
Substitute/Divert Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Remission Request (GS513) - for graduate program use

Filing & Degree Completion

Graduate Program Exit Information (GS312) - Required for completing graduate students in all degree objectives/plans in order to receive a degree conferral letter - confirms you have completed the degree and includes the degree awarded date.
Thesis/Dissertation Release Agreement (GS350)
Title Page Template (Word) - Download from Box and follow instructions on page 1.
UC Davis Thesis & Dissertation Sample Title Page

Master's & PhD Final Exam Reports

Report of Final Examination for Ph.D., Plan A (GS325)
Report of Final Examination for Ph.D., Plan C (GS326)
Master of Fine Arts Report (GS340)
Master's Report Form - Plan II (GS315)

Petitions & Exceptions

  • Grading Option/Mode Change Petition (GS336) - Request to change the original grade mode of a course to either letter graded or to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (graduate coursework) or Pass/Not Pass (undergraduate coursework).  Must be submitted no later than the last day of quarter instruction.
  • Permission to Drop (Late Drop) Petition (GS316) - Request to drop a currently enrolled course after the 10 or 20 day course drop deadline.  Must be submitted by the last day of quarter instruction AND include supplemental documentation (e.g., note from a medical professional or the Student Disability Center (SDC) or support letter from the signing Graduate Advisor).
  • Petition for Change of Graduate Major, Degree Objective, Multiple Graduate Majors, or Multiple Degree Objectives (GS301) - Request change(s) to degree objective and/or graduate major.  Required for all objective and major changes, including adding a master's objective on the way to a doctoral objective.
  • Petition for Exception to Policy (PEP) (GS317) - Request for a policy exception allowing employment of an individual in a student appointment (e.g., TA or GSR) who for one or more reasons is not eligible without Graduate Studies approval (e.g., graduate students on academic probation, graduate students enrolled part-time, undergraduate students, non-students, etc...).
  • Petition to Transfer Coursework (GS318) - Request to transfer coursework from an undergraduate or graduate program or UC Davis Extension/Open Campus to the student's UC Davis graduate record.  Used by UC Davis graduate students seeking a master's degree only (not for doctoral students).  Transfer coursework must not have been used to complete a previously earned degree.  Please review the Transfer Coursework webpage for additional requirements.  
  • Time to Degree Extension Form (GS348) - Request for a doctoral student to continue enrollment after receiving notification from Graduate Studies that they are beyond normative time to degree and must submit an extension request.
  • Variable Unit Change Petition (GS337) - Request to add units to a currently enrolled variable unit course (e.g., 299 or 298).  Must be submitted by the last day of quarter instruction.  May be submitted with a Permission to Drop Petition to maintain full-time enrollment status (12+ units).  

Postdoctoral Scholars 

External Fellowship/Grant Application Data (GS500)
Postdoctoral Leave Request Form
Postdoctoral Scholar Annual Review (GS107)
Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Letter Template (GS100) 
Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Letter Template (GS100 - 2024 Benefits Rates)
Postdoctoral Scholar Petition for Exception to Policy (GS108)

Qualifying Exams

Qualifying Examination Application (GS319)
QE Committee Member Remote Participation Request (GS342)
Qualifying Exam Report (GS343) - Completed by QE Chairs following the Qualifying Examination and submitted to Graduate Studies by Coordinators.  An additional memo of explanation must be included for all outcomes other than a unanimous Pass decision, including: unanimous not pass or fail outcomes, split committee outcomes, discontinued examinations, participant absences, or any changes to the committee/modality without prior approval from Graduate Studies.
SECOND Qualifying Exam Report (GS344)

Registration & Holds

Filing Fee Application (GS305) 
In Absentia Registration (GS308)
Intercampus Exchange Program Application
Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) (GS338)
PELP Time Extension Request (GS349)
Readmission Application (GS307)
Recommendation for Release of Academic Hold (GS329)
Coursework Only Hold Release (request from your SAA