Non-Academic Appointments

Graduate Students performing work with the higher-level non-academic responsibilities outlined below are eligible for a higher STDT 4 pay range. The responsibilities cannot include any research or teaching. The STDT 4 level is used for positions that require extensive training generally obtained through advanced level training or academic coursework, in the performance of a variety of complex or specialized assignments working with minimal direction. Under general or job-related specific supervision, the individual completes highly complex assignments requiring specialized knowledge and previous experience.


$26 - $30 Payroll Range

Duties at this level may include:

  • Support development and delivery of professional development programming/events
  • Propose, design, execute projects in consultation with department staff
  • Support graduate diversity initiatives
  • Consult and receive input regarding DEI initiatives from peers
  • Support workshop & events
  • Communicate broadly with student groups and staff both in person and written communications
  • Website and electronic lists update/maintenance

$28 - $32 Payroll Range

Duties at this level may include:

  • Advanced undergraduate academic advising; reviews academic and program progress
  • Advise on research lab/group topics and prepare scholars to present at annual research conferences
  • Leads/facilitates in the development and delivery of professional development programming
  • Assist in submitting research related materials
  • Proofread presentations/papers
  • Assists students with writing and graduate school applications
  • Consult with students regarding academic and personal life challenges


$30- $34 Payroll Range

Duties at this level may include:

  • Provides campus-wide outreach, programming, advocacy, and resources for graduate students.
  • Develop and organize workshops for PhD and Postdocs
  • Plan symposiums in collaboration with UC partners
  • Implement, design and analyze survey evaluations
  • Provide virtual and in-person support for career fairs, information sessions and other events
  • Collaborate with units on campus

Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Must be full-time enrolled UC Davis graduate students.
  • Student employment is limited to 50% time during the academic quarter in any combination of employment.
  • On a case-by-case basis students may work up to a maximum of 75% during the academic quarter with an exception that must be submitted to Graduate Studies for review and approval.
  • Students may work more than half time between quarters (including summer) without an exception.
  • Must provide evidence of employment eligibility (US Citizen, lawful Permanent Resident, eligible Visa status (J1, F1), Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA))
  • Tuition & fee remission is not a benefit of the Student IV position.


Departments wishing to hire graduate students in these higher-level non-academic positions need to post the position on Handshake for approval from Student Employment before hiring the individual in the position.