Multiculturalism in Mentoring Relationships Seminar Series

Multiculturalism in Mentoring Relationships


UC Davis aims to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community for all graduate and professional students. This year, the Graduate Student Advisor to the Dean and Chancellor, in partnership with Graduate Studies, will offer a seminar series on multiculturalism in mentoring relationships to provide mentors with the knowledge and tools to improve their multicultural competency and support students from historically underrepresented groups.


This seminar series will take place during the winter and spring quarters of Academic Year 2021-2022. This series is for any and all mentors and mentees, with emphasis on graduate and professional students. In this seminar series, we will cover how mentors can develop their awareness, empathy, and communication skills to strengthen their mentor/mentee relationship.

2022 Seminar Series

Multiculturalism in Mentoring Relationships: Coping with Microaggressions

Tuesday May 17, 2022 @ 2 pm | REGISTER HERE

Multiculturalism is a learning experience, and it is not a perfect process. Microaggressions happen everyday and can negatively impact the experience and success of a student. Learn how to best support your mentee as they cope with microaggressions.

Multiculturalism in Mentoring Relationships: Maintaining Multiculturalism Panel

Tuesday May 24, 2022 @ 2 pm | REGISTER HERE

Multicultural competency encourages the acknowledgement and acceptance of everyone’s differences. It is a life-long journey that requires us to continuously seek knowledge and practice communication skills. Join us for our panel discussion on how to obtain and maintain multicultural competency, and how it can benefit your relationship with your peers. 

Multiculturalism in Mentoring Relationships: Acknowledging bias 

Tuesday March 1, 2022 @ 2 pm 

As a graduate or professional student, mentorship is extremely important, but learning to navigate our interactions with our mentors and mentees can sometimes be difficult. Learn about how bias can affect your mentoring relationships and how to overcome bias through acknowledgement and diversity practices. 

Multiculturalism in Mentoring Relationships: Inclusive Language

Tuesday April 12, 2022 @ 2 pm 

We are all connected together through our interactions, our words, and behaviors. Understand how to support your students as they code-switch their way through academia and recognize language that creates an inclusive and safe environment, where you can build a successful relationship with your mentee based on mutual respect and equity. 

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