Program Administration

UC Davis Graduate Program Management 

UC Davis Graduate Studies is responsible for overseeing the administration of nearly 100 distinct graduate programs. The staff and leadership team in Graduate Studies work in close collaboration with graduate program staff and faculty to meet the needs of all graduate students. For more information about specific academic programs, please refer to the following pages:

Other Resources for Managing Graduate Programs

New Graduate Program Creation

UC Davis Graduate Studies fosters new graduate program development by consulting with faculty who are interested in proposing a new graduate degree, graduate academic certificate, designated emphasis, or degree track. Our role is two-fold. First, we seek to encourage new development and innovation in graduate education by helping to steward proposals through the campus and system-wide review and approval processes. Second, we seek to ensure a smooth implementation both by learning about proposals early in their development process, and also by advising proposers on how to structure and develop a potential program so as to facilitate effective and accurate administration of the program. Generally speaking, new programs must be approved by the campus Graduate Council and by the system-wide Coordinating Council on Graduate Affairs (CCGA).

Resources for Proposing New Programs

Resources for Proposing Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Programs (SSGPDP)
In addition to the resources listed above that apply to all new program proposals, the following resources pertain specifically to the establishment, administration, and review of SSGPDPs.

Graduate Studies contacts for Program Creation and Management

  1. Associate Dean for Graduate Programs - Duncan Temple Lang (
  2. Director of Policy and Programs - Jasmine Durias Bonite ( 

Graduate Groups

More than half of the UC Davis graduate programs are organized as interdisciplinary graduate groups, giving students, scholars and faculty the freedom to explore their interests across disciplines, engage in various areas of research, and reach new heights of knowledge. Graduate groups embody the collaborative spirit of discovery at UC Davis by bringing together scholars from different areas of study who share common research interests. While a departmentally-based program has an administrative and academic home within a single department, a group is not housed in a single department as it is comprised of faculty across multiple departments. Graduate groups usually operate from the department in which the current chair is housed and as such its actual location may move around. Learn more about Graduate Groups