Certificate Opportunities

Understanding the Certificate Landscape

Graduate certificate programs are structured sequences of courses and requirements which focus on a specialty or area of expertise not offered by a regular degree program. There are several forms of certificates with different pathways for proposal and development. Understanding the different certificate options will help faculty interested in developing a certificate determine which option(s) best suits the educational and financial goals of the target audience, as well as the program/unit offering the certificate.

Graduate Academic Certificate (GAC)

GACs are open to any student eligible for graduate admission (as defined in GS2014-04), and students do not have to be enrolled concurrently in a UC Davis graduate or professional degree program.

Students admitted into a GAC may articulate to a graduate degree through the standard Graduate Studies admissions process, although GAC coursework cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of that degree.

Certificates of completion for a GAC are issued by the Office of the University Registrar. GACs are governed by Graduate Council (GC2007-01). 

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Graduate Academic Unit Certificate (GAUC)

GAUCs are open to and taken by currently-enrolled UC Davis graduate/professional students and postdoctoral scholars.

Students admitted into a GAUC may not articulate to a graduate degree program, although they may use shared courses/units for an existing degree program.

Certificates of completion for a GAUC are issued by the school or college which hosts the certificate. GAUCs are governed by Graduate Council (GC2007-01).

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Continuing and Professional Education Certificate (CPEC)

CPECs are open to and taken by the general public, and do not require that enrollees meet the criteria for admission to a graduate degree program.

These certificates provide a minimum of 12 units (120 hours) of academic credit. Credit may articulate to UC Davis graduate degrees through a transfer credit evaluation (capped at 12 units).

Students are admitted through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. CPECs are governed by the Public Service Committee of the Academic Senate.

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Next Steps: Administrative Contacts

Once you've had a chance to think about the options which might be best for your program—or if you'd like to chat about the options' relative merits—the next step is to talk with a campus expert who can help during the early stages of the proposal. 

  • For GACs and GAUCs, please contact Graduate Studies' Director of Policy and Programs, Jasmine Durias Bonite (jedurias@ucdavis.edu). 
  • For Continuing and Professional Education certificates, please contact cpeinfo@ucdavis.edu