Online Applications & Systems

UC Davis provides several online financial applications and reporting systems to assist you with processing and analyzing graduate student financial support.

Grad Track$ Web Reports

The Grad Track$ Web Reports Application allows authorized users to run detailed reports of their graduate students' individual fellowship awards and run queries that show their program's available fellowship balances.

The Grad Tracks$ Web Reports heritage version has been closed.

Grad Tracks$ Web Reports (best on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, not Explorer)

Authorized allocations for centrally administered fellowship funding (Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation funds, Supplemental Grad Program NRST Allocation funds, MEIP, etc.) are entered and activated in Banner on your behalf. As you award fellowships from these funds to your graduate students, the Grad Track$ Web Reports can be used to monitor your awarded and available balances.

If you would like to award your own departmental fellowship funds to academic graduate students, you must request that Graduate Studies activate the appropriate Banner Fund Code(s). To activate a Banner Fund Code, submit the online Graduate Studies Banner Fellowship Allocation Request Form. Once the Banner Fund Codes have been activated and the allocation entered, Graduate Program Coordinators (if authorized access) can process their own fellowship awards using the Banner Grad Track$ form YPAGWRD and monitor their account balance via the Grad Track$ Web Reports.

If the Aggie Enterprise account from which you want to pay fellowships does not have a corresponding Banner Fund Code, one must be initiated. Please visit the How To Pay a Fellowship page for instructions and forms.

Banner Student Information System (SIS)

The UC Davis Student Information System (SIS), Banner, is a collaboration of key student information systems and applications that provide student and curriculum services for the campus community; including forms that enable graduate program staff to process their own fellowship payments to academic graduate students. For a list of banner objects and their function, visit the Common Banner Forms page.


The student information management portal known as GradHub is now available to all Graduate Program Coordinators, Program Chairs, Graduate Advisors and authorized graduate program department members. This tool provides access to individual student academic records, including the original admission application materials, student support documentation, submitted forms and petitions, transcripts, current student status and degree objective, contact information and overall academic standing.

SIS Student Data Reporting

Student Affairs also provides SIS Student Data Reporting Tools & Services that allow you to run real-time student and enrollment information reports. Includes a Student Search tool that is easier than searching within Banner.


SIS DS: Report Student Fees List for Self Supporting Programs (706) can be used to pull a listing of student account charges and payments.


The Cognos Banner Transaction Detail Report (271) can be used to pull ledger student fellowship expense detail for transactions processed via Banner.