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How To Pay a Fellowship

How To Pay A Fellowship

These instructions are intended for faculty and staff, who do not have access to the Grad Track$ forms in banner, who need to pay a fellowship to an academic graduate student from departmental funds.  Stipend fellowships, Tuition & Fee fellowships, and Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST) fellowships are paid to academic graduate students via the Banner Student Information System (SIS). The fellowship expense associated with each Banner fellowship payment is charged to a corresponding KFS account.

If you need to pay a fellowship to a professional student (students enrolled in the School of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Management, School of Medicine, or the School of Law), please see Financial Aid's form: Request to Pay Professional and Dual Degree Graduate Students.

Fellowship Types

Stipend Fellowships

Stipend fellowships are paid monthly, in arrears (i.e. the stipend for October is paid November 1st).  Stipend fellowships may be paid as one-time per year, one-time per academic quarter (e.g. $1,500 in November), or paid as three equal installments over the academic quarter (e.g. a $1,500 fall quarter stipend fellowship would be paid as $500 in October, November, and December).

Tuition & Fee Fellowships and Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Fellowships

For each quarter, you may pay full or partial Tuition & Fees and/or full or partial Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST). For each quarter, Tuition & Fee and NRST fellowships should be processed prior to the Graduate Student Late Fee Payment Deadline and Cancelation date.

Tuition & Fee and NRST Fellowships and Academic Employment

Graduate academic students working for UC Davis under an academic title code earn a salary and, depending on the academic appointment, may have all, or part, of their Tuition & Fees and NRST paid on their behalf as a benefit of employment through "remission".  For current remission amounts, visit Student Accounting's Fee Remission page.

The remission benefit takes precedent over fellowships. If a Tuition & Fee fellowship or NRST fellowship was awarded in banner prior to the initiation of the appointment in PPS, the fellowship award will block the remission and you should zero the banner fellowship. If necessary, Graduate Studies will contact you to remove the fellowship so the remission can post appropriately.

If the academic appointment only provides partial remission, you may cover the unpaid balance with partial Tuition & Fee and/or partial NRST fellowships.

Remissions are governed by a complex set of rules that arise from accounting principles, human resources policies, collective bargaining agreements, and other university policies.  For complete information, visit the Tuition & Fee Remission page.


KFS Account Requirements

Higher Education Function Code: FINA

Before a fellowship can be processed in Banner, a Banner Fund Code must be initiated to link the banner payment to the KFS account.  Student fellowship expense (object codes 72GS, 72GF, 72GN, and 777N) can only be charged to KFS accounts with Higher Education Function Code of "FINA". Also, the six-digit UC Account Number should begin with "79" (Student Financail Aid-Grad). For information on how to initiate a KFS account, visit the How Do I Create an Account page.


If You Have Banner Access

Banner Fund Code Request Form

If a fellowship has never before been paid from a KFS account, you must first submit a request to initiate a new Banner Fund code via the online Graduate Studies Banner Fund Code Request form.  This form requires CAS (aka kerberos) sign-on. The KFS account must be initiated and fully approved before a Banner Fund Code can be initiated. If you have access to banner, you can determine if the account is already set up in Banner by using form YPAGWRD. If when attempting to post an award to a student using YPGAWRD, you receive the message "*Error* account is invalid" then you must submit a request form to

Activate Fund Codes and Add Allocations

For new fund codes, and for existing fund codes each new academic year (starting each July 1st), each fund code must be activated in Banner prior to your use. To activate accounts in Banner for your use, submit the online Graduate Studies Banner Fellowship Allocation Request Form. This form requires CAS (aka kerberos) sign-on. Up to ten accounts can be activated with each form. If you have more than ten accounts to activate, simply submit additional forms. The dollar amount submitted via this form for each account will populate the GradTracK$ Web Report Tool so you can track your current available balance.


If You Do Not Have Banner Access

Fellowship Payment Request Form

Use the 2021-22 Graduate Student Fellowship Payment Request (GS503) form to initiate the payment of fellowships (Stipend fellowships, Tuition & Fee fellowships, and/or NRST fellowships) to be paid from departmental funds to academic graduate students. For new accounts, the Banner Fund Code Request form must be submitted prior to, or concurrently with, the submission of the Fellowship Payment Request form.