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Paying Fellowships

Fellowships are funds awarded to an individual student who meets a specific set of criteria as determined by the awarding program or agency. It is important to note that fellowships should not be tied to any expectation of employment. Fellowships are processed via the student information system (Banner) and disbursed to the student via Student Accounting. 

If you need to pay a fellowship to a professional student (students enrolled in the School of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Management, School of Medicine, or the School of Law), please see Financial Aid's form: Request to Pay Professional and Dual Degree Graduate Students.

For Fall 2022, Graduate Studies will continue to provide to four disbursements for fellowships paid via Banner/Student Accounting. Click here to learn more.

Fellowship Types

Stipend Fellowships

Stipend fellowships are paid monthly, in arrears (i.e. the stipend for October is paid November 1st).  Stipend fellowships may be paid as one-time per year, one-time per academic quarter (e.g. $1,000 in January), or paid as three equal installments over the academic quarter (e.g. a $1,500 winter quarter stipend fellowship would be paid as $500 in January, February, and March). Depending on a student's individual tax circumstances, withholding tax may be deducted from stipends. Because stipends are paid as refunds to the student via Student Accounting, any outstanding balance on the student's accounts may be deducted from the student's stipend fellowship before it is disbursed to the student.

Tuition & Fee Fellowships and Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Fellowships

For each quarter, you may pay full or partial Tuition & Fees and/or full or partial Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST). For each quarter, Tuition & Fee and NRST fellowships should be processed prior to the Graduate Student Late Fee Payment Deadline and Cancelation date.

Tuition & Fee and NRST Fellowships and Academic Employment

Graduate academic students working for UC Davis under an academic title code earn a salary and, depending on the academic appointment, may have all, or part, of their Tuition & Fees and NRST paid on their behalf as a benefit of employment through "remission".  For current remission amounts, visit Student Accounting's Fee Remission page.

The remission benefit takes precedent over fellowships. If a Tuition & Fee fellowship or NRST fellowship was awarded in Banner prior to the initiation of the appointment in PPS, the fellowship award will block the remission and you should zero the banner fellowship. If necessary, Graduate Studies will contact you to remove the fellowship so the remission can post appropriately.

If the academic appointment only provides partial remission, you may cover the unpaid balance with partial Tuition & Fee and/or partial NRST fellowships.

Remissions are governed by a complex set of rules that arise from accounting principles, human resources policies, collective bargaining agreements, and other university policies.  For complete information, visit the Tuition & Fee Remission page.