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Graduate Program Coordinator Resources

This page provides the regulations, policies, forms, and documents related to the Internal Fellowships managed by Graduate Studies, including the Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation (GPFA), formerly called 'Block Grant'.

Each fall, the Student Financial Support unit provides training for staff. Here are the PowerPoint presentations from the various workshops:

Slate Fellowship Training Presentation (as of 12/10/2020)

Grad Student Support SDPS Workshop (updated 11/17/2020)

Regulations, Policies, and Instructions regarding Fellowships

Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation Funds Instructions

Graduate programs receive an allocation from the Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation Funds (formally called 'Block Grant') to award fellowships to new and continuing students. These funds are restricted for use as stipends (or "living allowance"), tuition & fees or nonresident supplemental tuition (NRST) fellowships. Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation Funds cannot be used to bring students to campus for pre- or post-admissions recruitment visits, research costs, or to fund student appointments such as research and teaching assistantships. No expectation of research or teaching effort can be tied to a Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation Funds.

Dean's Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Program

The Graduate Studies will receive funds from the provost this year to be used to recruit outstanding graduate students. These funds will be allocated through the Dean's Distinguished Graduate Fellowship (DDGF) program, which is a campus-wide program. The deans of the schools and colleges are expected to provide a portion of the stipend as a matching contribution. The DDGF program is supplemented by a variety of college/school/division-specific programs to assist graduate programs in recruiting outstanding Ph.D. and M.F.A. students.