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Graduate Student Appointment Guide

The authority to hire Academic Graduate Students is delegated to the Program Chairs, Directors and Deans. It is the responsibility of the hiring unit to verify the eligibility of student employees and to appoint students in accordance with the UC Davis Academic Personnel Manual. Hiring departments should follow the steps below to appoint a graduate student employee. Administrators should be aware of deadlines for fee payment and input of student appointments into the Payroll system.

  1. Confirm available funding for student appointment and remission for the period of appointment.
  2. Confirm student eligibility.
  3. If necessary, complete Petition for Exception to Policy and obtain approval.
  4. Notify student of appointment by sending the Notification Letter, including any Supplemental Documentation:
    ASE Appointment Notification Letter
    GSR Appointment Notification Letter
    Supplemental Documentation
    The written notice of appointment shall specify the beginning and ending dates of the appointment.
  5.  Have student complete required forms for new hire.
  6.  Enter student into payroll. See instructions.

Eligibility Verification

To ensure student eligibility, the employing department should use the Graduate Student Eligibility Checklist. The checklist should be completed quarterly to ensure continued student eligibility. Once completed, the form is kept on file in the employing department. If the student requires an exception in order to hold employment, the home department submits an exception to Graduate Studies for approval.

Exception to Policy

The home department completes the Petition for Exception to Policy (PEP) making sure to provide adequate academic justification explaining the reason for the exception. Department submits to Graduate Studies for approval. If approved, Department will receive notification and may proceed with the hiring process.

Tuition and Fee Remission

Learn more about the policy and implementation procedures for remission of tuition and fees for eligible graduate student employees.

Graduate Student Positions

Open positions may be posted on our site using Aggie Job Link.