Graduate Student Financial Support Plans

As a result of the newly negotiated Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) agreement between the University of California and the United Auto Workers, most GSR Compensation Plans are no longer valid; raw salary figures and broader concepts like the applicability of experience and academic milestones to GSR compensation have all changed. The previously approved GSR Compensation Plans are no longer posted here to minimize confusion and ambiguity.

We encourage programs and hiring units to align continuing GSRs with the new Table 22 salaries for Spring Quarter 2023, so as to ensure equitable compensation for researchers hired on applicable title codes

Graduate Studies will be working to provide resources for Graduate Student Financial Support Plans which can represent the principles of the former Compensation Plans while deferring to the new contract’s terms where required. Guidance concerning the new plans and contract provisions will begin in late March. More news on that topic will be communicated to Graduate Chairs and Program Coordinators as it becomes available.