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Appointment Guides

Graduate Studies has assembled appointment guides for the different types of appointments. Expand the sections below for more information.

Graduate Student Appointment Guide

The authority to hire Academic Graduate Students is delegated to the Program Chairs, Directors and Deans. It is the responsibility of the hiring unit to verify the eligibility of student employees and to appoint students in accordance with the UC Davis Academic Personnel Manual. 

Hiring departments should follow the steps below to appoint a graduate student employee. Administrators should be aware of deadlines for fee payment and input of student appointments into the Payroll system.

  1. Confirm available funding for student appointment and remission for the period of appointment.
  2. Confirm student eligibility.
  3. If necessary, complete Petition for Exception to Policy and obtain approval.
  4. Notify student of appointment by sending the Notification Letter, including any Supplemental Documentation:
    • ASE Appointment Notification Letter
    GSR Appointment Notification Letter
     Supplemental Documentation
    The written notice of appointment shall specify the beginning and ending dates of the appointment.
  5.  Submit case to department's designated service center (ex. AUSSC)

Eligibility Verification

To ensure student eligibility, the employing department should use the Graduate Student Eligibility Checklist. The checklist should be completed quarterly to ensure continued student eligibility. Once completed, the form is kept on file in the employing department. If the student requires an exception in order to hold employment, the home department submits an exception to Graduate Studies for approval.

Exception to Policy

The home department completes the Petition for Exception to Policy (PEP) making sure to provide adequate academic justification explaining the reason for the exception. Department submits to Graduate Studies for approval. If approved, Department will receive notification and may proceed with the hiring process.

Tuition and Fee Remission

Learn more about the policy and implementation procedures for remission of tuition and fees for eligible graduate student employees.

Temporary Extension of the 18 Quarter Rule

On Friday, June 19, UC Provost Michael Brown announced a temporary extension of  the total length of service for academic student employees (ASE) up to 21 quarters, for matriculated students during the quarters in which instruction is substantially impacted by COVID-19. This means that all matriculated students in Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 (and perhaps beyond, "should these conditions persist") can receive permission to extend their total length of service to a maximum of 21 quarters at any point in the future. 

For example, a Fall 2020 incoming PhD student who starts their first ASE appointment until 2022-2023 will likely not reach their 18 quarter service limit until 2028-2029, but they would still be able to request additional quarters (up to 21) of ASE appointments because the student was a "matriculated student at UC during the quarters/semesters in which instruction is substantially impacted by COVID-19."

Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Guide

The appointment of Postdoctoral Scholars must be approved through Graduate Studies.   It is the responsibility of the hiring unit to verify the eligibility of candidates and to appoint postdoctoral scholar in accordance with the UC Davis Academic Personnel Manual and the PX bargaining agreement. Hiring departments should follow the steps below to appoint a Postdoctoral Scholar.

New Appointment/Reappointment

  1. Confirm available funding for salary and benefits for the term of appointment.
  2. Prepare the Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Notification Letter. Prepare exception if necessary, provide detailed explanation.
  3. Submit the action via AggieService by submitting a case using the Postdoctoral Appointment form.  The packet must include:
  4. Once submitted the form will route to Graduate Studies and/or Deans Office for review. 
  5. Notes and approvals are captured within the case and initiators will review the status and approval directly from their dashboard.  
  6. Notification of approval will be viewed within the case. 
  7. A copy of the fully executed copy of the Appointment Notification letter must be given to the postdoctoral scholar within seven days of appointment/reappointment.


Graduate Studies will consider the following types of requests for exception. An exception will be granted on a very limited basis determined by the information provided in the justification.

  • The appointment is below 100% (only for family, health, or other employment).
  • The appointment is beyond the five-year limit (must include justification of continued need for training).
Exception to the terms of the Postdoctoral contract:
  • Submit a completed Postdoctoral Scholar Petition for Exception to Policy from the appointee with the written concurrence of the supervisor.
  • Provide clear and thorough justification – provide attachments if needed.
  • Send the exception via
Separation (Layoff – lack of funding)
  • Prepare the Layoff Notification letter from the principle investigator.
  • Provide the postdoctoral scholar the letter at least 30 days in advance of layoff.
  • Send a copy of the Layoff Notification letter to Graduate Studies and Employee and Labor Relations. The university must notify the union within five business days.
  • Process a separation of the postdoctoral scholar appointment in UC Path.
Separations (End)
  • If the appointment will end before the approved appointment end date, contact Employee and Labor Relations for further information. The university must notify the union if the postdoctoral scholar is moved out of the unit during the term of appointment.
  • Process a separation of the postdoctoral scholar appointment in UC Path.

UAW Local 5810 Postdoctoral Scholar Deduction Authorization Form