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Research and Dissertation Awards

The Allen G. Marr Prize

The Allen G. Marr Prize was established in honor of Allen G. (Jerry) Marr's 20 year contribution as Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and his commitment to the highest standards of scholarship and professional ethics. Each year the competition is in different discipline areas. 

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The Max Kleiber Prize

This prize was established to honor the sixty-year career of Professor Max Kleiber at the University of California, Davis, in recognition of his outstanding success in elucidating metabolic relationships in intact animals. The award is made to a nominee who best represents the characteristics and high standards of scholastics and professional ethics that guided Professor Kleiber’s career. The dissertation must involve original work that makes an unusually significant contribution to one or a combination of the areas of biochemistry, nutrition, or physiology. 

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The Loren D. Carlson Prize in Physiology

The Loren D. Carlson Prize in Physiology honors the contributions of Loren D. Carlson, former Chair of the Physiology Graduate Group. The $3,000 annual prize honors one student in the Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology Graduate Group who has demonstrated "scholarly achievement and promise for teaching and research." To be eligible, students must have advanced to candidacy by June of the award year or completed their Ph.D. the year prior. This award is by faculty nomination only. 

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The Zuhair A. Munir Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in Engineering 

The College of Engineering established this annual award in 1999 to honor the student who has submitted the best doctoral dissertation and to publicize some of the outstanding research conducted in the College. This award honors former Dean of the College, Zuhair A. Munir, who led the College from 2000 to 2002 and acted as its Associate Dean for Graduate Studies for 20 years. This Award will not only honor the individual who submitted the best doctoral dissertations within the College of Engineering and publicize their exemplary research but also acknowledges the mentorship of their major professor.   

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The John E. Kinsella Prize

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CA&ES) has established the Kinsella Memorial Prize in honor of late Dean and Professor John E. Kinsella.  The major professor of the recipient must have an appointment in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  Each graduate group/program may submit one nomination and each will be judged on the quality and originality of the work, the multidisciplinary impact of the research and, the importance of the research to the college’s mission to serve agriculture, the environment, and human health and development.

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Summer Graduate Student Researcher Award for Engineering or Computer-related Applications and Methods

Continuing graduate students pursuing research in engineering, or continuing students from other disciplines, who are developing new computer-related applications and methods, such as materials science and nanotechnology, computational science, bioinformatics, and information technology.  A broad definition of the relevant research fields and research topics will be used in accepting applications and the above are example areas.

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