Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award

About the Award

Nominations are invited for the 2022 Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research. This award is offered to recognize the vital role that Postdoctoral Scholars play in maintaining the reputation of excellent research at the University of California, Davis.  A certificate and $1000 will be conferred to each awardee. Up to three awards will be made.

The deadline for nominations is February 4, 2022. If you have any questions, please email Trina Giardino at

  • UC Davis postdoctoral scholars, who have a minimum of one year of postdoctoral study at UC Davis, and less than six years total postdoctoral experience, and will continue to be in their position until at least March 31, 2022, may be nominated.

    Only individuals appointed in title codes 3252 – Postdoctoral Scholar - Employee, 3253 – Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow or 3254 – Postdoctoral Scholar – Paid-Direct are eligible.

  • Nominees must have outstanding research accomplishments. Criteria include, but are not limited to:
    Innovation in research and impact on the field.
    Research productivity and quality as a UC Davis postdoctoral scholar, as demonstrated by publications, presentations, awards, etc.
  • UC Davis faculty, postdocs and graduate students are invited to nominate a distinguished postdoctoral scholar for this award.

    Nominations must be in the form of a letter describing the attributes and accomplishments of the nominee. The letter should be specific, comprehensive, and no longer than two typewritten pages. It should describe the research achievements that set the nominee apart from his or her colleagues. Nominators should include the name, campus department, and email address of the nominee. The nomination letter should be addressed to the Selection Committee for the UC Davis Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Research.

    Research mentor letters should...
    •Describe what makes the research accomplishments of the applicant distinguished as opposed to good or merely adequate.
    •Include a statement of the nominee’s total time as a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis and elsewhere.
    •Indicate the Mentor’s number of current and past postdoctoral scholar trainees, and rank the applicant based upon others supervised.
    • State the number of publications and presentations accomplished as a UC Davis postdoctoral scholar.
    • Describe the involvement and initiative of the applicant in research collaborations with other investigators.
    • Summarize all other evidence submitted in conjunction with the nomination. The letter should avoid generalities and provide an informed analysis of the facts supporting the case for distinction in the applicant’s research.

    Application guidelines will be provided once nominees have been verified for eligibility. An invitation to apply with a link to upload application materials will be emailed to the nominee and nominator.

Nomination Form