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Student Admissions and Advising

Graduate Admissions

Each individual who wants to be admitted to graduate standing in a regular academic program must submit a formal application for admission using the online application system. Applicants may apply to more than one program by submitting a complete application (including an application fee) for each program of interest.

Holistic Review

The University of California and UC Davis campus are committed to providing higher education access to students from all backgrounds.  A vibrant and inclusive student body is key to tackling society's most stubborn problems in the future. Consequently, Graduate Studies is dedicated to collaborating and leading numerous innovative initiatives to increase graduate student diversity.

AMIGA LogoGraduate Studies encourages faculty to employ holistic review admissions practices. Holistic review considers the whole applicant file in each round of admissions review focusing on academic preparation and personal attributes while downplaying standardized test scores and institutional prestige. A result of applying holistic review methods is the admission of graduate students who are underrepresented in higher education or historically not had access to graduate level studies. Graduate Studies offers two levels of holistic review workshops, "Essentials" and "Innovations" that address fundamental and advanced holistic review methods.

UC Davis' collaboration in two specific projects, the Alliance for Multi-campus, Inclusive Graduate Admissions (AMIGA) and the California Consortium for Inclusive Doctoral Education (C-CIDE) works closely with faculty to apply holistic review in humanities and STEM fields, respectively. By supporting holistic review UC Davis demonstrates national leadership on equitable and inclusive graduate admissions. In the near future key holistic review resources will be located on the AMIGA website.

Outreach and Recruitment Resources for Faculty and Staff

Graduate Studies has compiled graduate student reports, recommendations and resources to assist UC Davis faculty and staff in their efforts to recruit intellectually talented, highly motivated, and well-prepared students from diverse backgrounds. Visit the Outreach and Recruitment page to learn tips and useful ideas for effectively communicating with prospective students.

Graduate Program Coordinator Admissions Guide

The Admissions and Academic Services team at UC Davis maintains an online guide for graduate program coordinators who play a role in the admissions and academic review process. The guide is updated on an annual basis and covers everything from application deadines to the GRE/TOEFL Score Search Tool. Visit the Graduate Program Coordinator Admissions Guide to learn more.

Graduate Admissions Quick Links

Advising and Mentoring

Faculty-Student Mentoring

UC Davis Graduate Studies supports and advances graduate faculty-student mentoring through a variety of efforts including the new position, Director for Mentoring and Advising, Elizabeth Sturdy who is coordinating and facilitating best mentoring practices.  Learn more about our commitment to mentoring and explore our list of resources by visiting our mentoring page.

Problems and Dispute Resolution

Do not wait until a graduate student is in crisis to contact us. We are available to hear concerns and discuss strategies at any stage in your interaction with a graduate student who is having some difficulty. Visit our Problems and Dispute Resolutions page to learn more about our consultation services and support resources. 

Advising and Mentoring Quick Links