Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Five Years of Envisioning What's Possible

UC Davis wasn’t even on Daniel Castaneda’s radar when he was an undergraduate at UC Riverside; but it is where he ended up. And, because of the Envision UC Davis program, he discovered it was exactly where he was meant to be.

“The Envision program was the first time that I thought, I’m actually qualified to be in a program like this and people want me to come to their university,” Castaneda said. “It was nice to feel like I have a future opportunity here and there are people at UC Davis who want to help me do it.”

Chancellor Gary May Issues Statement on Proposition 16

Proposition 209 will continue to challenge the university’s efforts to be equitable and inclusive as it seeks to attract the best and brightest students from all backgrounds, while ensuring equal opportunity for all. Proposition 209 has forced California public institutions to try to address racial inequality without factoring in race, even where allowed by federal law. The diversity of our university and higher education institutions across California, should — and must — serve the rich diversity of our state. We will work to increase our investments and efforts in this area given that racial equity is paramount to fulfilling our mission to produce the intellectual capital of California that has economic and social benefits.

Neuroscience Grad Student Nicole Claiborne Awarded the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship

UC Davis graduate student Nicole Claiborne and her advisor, Professor Karen Zito, are among the 45 doctoral students and their advisers awarded the  Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Gilliam Fellowships to advance diversity and inclusion in the sciences.

Graduate Studies Diversity Officer Devin Horton Recognized on List of Inspiring Black Scientists

Devin Horton, Ph.D, the Graduate Diversity Officer for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines at the University of California, Davis, is among the scientists and leaders recognized in a list of 100 inspiring Black scientists in America, published last month.