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Past Grad Assistants

Graduate Student Assistants to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Chancellor


2019-2020: Slande Erole

Ph.D.: Political Science
Project: First-Gen Initiative Pilot Program

2017-2018: Jeanelle Hope

Ph.D.: Cultural Studies
Project: Graduate Student Retention Assessment

2016-2017: Sarah Messbauer

Ph.D.: Ethnomusicology
Project: Full-Scale Review of Graduate and Professional Student Experience (aka, “The Great Big Graduate Review”)

2015-2016: Erica Vonasek-Eco

Ph.D.: Biological Systems Engineering
Project: Reimagining the Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor (GSADC) Role and the Student Assistants to the Chancellor (SAC)

2014-2015: Angel Hinzo

Ph.D.: Native American Studies
Project: Developing the First Friends Program with the SISS Graduate Student Researcher

2013-2014: Amandeep Kaur

Ph.D.: Physics
Project: Emerging Leaders in Policy & Public Service (ELIPPS) and Diversity Dialogues on Graduate Education

2012-2013: Rosalyn Earl

Ph.D.: Education
Project: Graduate Student Retention & Mental Health Workshops: Managing & Preventing Stress, Anxiety and Suicide

2011-2012: Lisceth Cruz

Ph.D.: Education
Project: Leadership Development Series for Graduate Student Organizations

2010-2011: Cassandra Paul

Ph.D.: Physics
Project: Graduate Teaching Community

2009-2010: Abigail Boggs

Ph.D.: Cultural Studies
Project: Graduate Ally Coalition (GAC) – Developing a Sustainable Organizational Structure

2008-2009: Cynthia Degnan

Ph.D.: English
Project: Getting the Most Out of Mentoring Workshops: A Conversation Among Graduate Students

2007-2008: Toby Beauchamp

Ph.D.: Cultural Studies
Project: Graduate Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

2006-2007: Kara Thompson

Ph.D.: English
Project: The Grad ComPost

2005-2006: Alison Sheets

Ph.D.: Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
Project: Graduate Student Mental and Physical Wellness Survey

2004-2005: Heather Wylie

Ph.D.: Sociology
Project: Mentors Mentoring Mentors: Tips from Faculty for Faculty on Becoming a Better Mentor

2003-2004: Sheri Tatsch

Ph.D.: Native American Studies
Project: Creating a Successful Graduate Student and Faculty Relationship: A Faculty Response

2002-2003: Joaquin Feliciano

Ph.D.: Ecology
Project: A Review of Student Affairs Services to Graduate and Professional Students

2001-2002: Nicole Rabaud

Ph.D.: Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry
Project: The Nature and Causes of Graduate Student Attrition at UC Davis

2000-2001: David Quijada

Ph.D.: Education
Project: "What's Identity got to do with it?" roundtable discussions

1999-2000: Amy Lyn (Gerbrandt) Wiley

Ph.D.: Comparative Literature
Project: Facilitating Institutional Memory: Week of Orientation and Welcome

1998-1999: Jennifer Cross

Ph.D.: Sociology
Project: Graduate Student Financial Support Survey

1997-1998: Alessia Ortolani​

Ph.D.: Animal Behavior
Project: Mentoring Graduate Students

1996-1997: Arlene Alvarado

Ph.D.: Animal Behavior
Project: Communication Through Computers

1995-1996: William K. Johnson

Ph.D.: Genetics
Project: Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Symposium

1994-1995: Tami Winternitz

Ph.D.: Human Development
Project: Co-organization of a Mentoring Forum for Graduate Students, Editing and Distribution of Graduate Student Grievance Handbook

1993-1994: Dorothy Ginnett

Ph.D.: Ecology
Project: Coordination of Scientific Integrity and Professionalism Course, AWIS/GWIS Spring Conference and Graduate Student Grievance Handbook

1992-1993: Tony Waters

Ph.D.: Sociology

1991-1992: Michael Noh