Commencement Information for Faculty

Information for Faculty

Graduate Studies, together with the Graduate Council and the Graduate Student Association, will hold the Graduate Studies commencement ceremony on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. in the University Credit Union Center (formally The ARC Pavilion) to honor the 2020 graduate degree recipients. 

Doctoral students request their faculty presenters at the time of registration and you will receive a personalized email to accept or decline the invitation. Master's students walk together with others from their program and require one faculty member from each program to be the role of Master's Program Deputy (MPD). You cannot serve as a Ph.D. faculty presenter and an MPD presenter, these are two separate roles. If you would like to be the faculty MPD for your program, please register by November 9.


Faculty gowns, caps, tassels, and UC doctoral hoods are available at no cost for commencement and may be ordered online by your department from Supply Chain Management. Graduate Studies is not responsible for ordering, providing, or returning commencement apparel.

Non-Presenting Faculty

If you plan to attend the ceremony as an interested faculty member, please mark the box ‘Interested Faculty’ on our registration page. Please also contact your department to arrange for cap and gown rental as soon as possible. Arrangements can be made for late cap and gown rental, however, size options may be limited. The department staff and faculty are responsible for acquiring, bringing, or returning commencement apparel. Graduate Studies is not responsible for ordering, providing, or returning commencement apparel.

Special Requests or Accommodations 

If you are a presenting faculty member and require special accommodations, please notify us as soon as possible by stating your need in the request under the "Special Needs" section of your commencement registration.  A portion of Lot 25 is reserved and free of charge for vehicles displaying DMV-issued Disabled Person Parking Placards and Plates. Guests with mobility challenges may use the shuttle service when in service, to travel to and from parking lots.