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Board Members 2013-2014

Photo of Erin M. Arms.Erin M. Arms, 2013-14

Genetics Graduate Group
Other campus affiliations: Genetics Graduate Student Association Representative, UC Davis Policy Institute on Energy, Environment and the Economy

Erin is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in the Genetics graduate group at UC Davis. She is interested in science policy and advising. Her dissertation work (in tomato) involves the characterization and mapping of traits associated with water stress tolerance introgressed from a related wild species. Erin graduated from the University of Washington in 2007 with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a B.A. in Anthropology. She worked as a research technician at the Center for Experimental Pathology at the University of Muenster, Germany before coming to UC Davis in 2009. In her free time she enjoys baking, swimming, and forcing her friends and family to watch animated movies with her.

Photo of BernNadette Best-Green. BernNadette Best-Green, 2013-14

Graduate Group of Education

BernNadette is a Ph.D. student, a Teacher Education Fellow-Scholar, and a Graduate Group in Education Fellow who is passionate about preparing teachers to effectively educate all students. She is a former k-8th grade educator (teacher, vice principal, summer school principal & project director) who believes that all students deserve equitable access to educational opportunities. Through the teacher education fellowship, BernNadette is undergoing preparation for a faculty position as a teacher educator/scholar within a research university. BernNadette's research interests span the areas of teacher preparation, multicultural education, culturally relevant pedagogy, educational equity, and feminist theory & research. Highlights of BernNadette's past research have focused on trends and patterns that emerge when student achievement data are disaggregated.

Photo of Kathryn Bilder. Kathryn Bilder, 2013-14

School of Law
Other campus affiliations: President of the Law Student Association

Kathryn Bilder is third year law student. She received her bachelor's in Anthropology from Harvard in 2010. Prior to attending law school, Kathryn worked for a community organizing organization outreaching to the San Francisco community about reducing energy use. Over the summer of 2013, she was a summer associate at Perkins Coie LLP in San Francisco, CA. Once she graduates from law school, Kathryn will return to Perkins Coie as a new associate in the Environmental and Land Use group. In her spare time, she can be found swimming or being creative in the kitchen.

Photo of Brandon Brown. Brandon Brown, 2012-14

Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group
Other campus affiliations: Graduate Ally Coalition; Black Graduate and Professional Student Association

Brandon Brown is a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate group. As a member of Dr. Heike Wulff's lab, Brandon focuses on synthesizing potassium channel modulators for the treatment of hypertension, autoimmune and neurological disorders. Brandon received his B.S. in Biochemistry from UC Davis in 2006, and he worked in several analytical chemistry labs before returning to Davis to pursue his doctoral degree. Brandon is originally from Inglewood, Calif., and is a huge Los Angeles Lakers and San Francisco 49ers fan.

Photo of Joshua Claypool. Joshua Claypool, 2013-14

Biological Systems Engineering / Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Josh is a first-year Ph.D. student in Biological Systems Engineering working with a new faculty member, Chris Simmons of Food Science and Technology, on deconstructing food and agricultural residues as a source for biorenewable energy. Josh earned his B.S in Biological Systems Engineering from UC Davis in 2011, and his M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Iowa State University in 2013. He is interested in improving STEM retention and recruitment and identifying methods for increasing funding for potential and current graduate students. In his spare time, he loves to cycle and spend quality time with his dog, Arnold.

Photo of Chris Fortenbach. Chris Fortenbach, 2013-14

Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Graduate Group and School of Medicine

Chris Fortenbach is a sixth-year student in the MD/Ph.D. program and is currently working on his Ph.D. in the Burns Lab where he is studying the visual system. He is a Davis native and attended UC Davis for his undergraduate studies, earning a B.S. in both Food Science and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Chris is passionate about patient advocacy and funding for medical research and has lobbied for continued support at both the state and national level. Throughout his education, he has sought to promote the health and fitness of his fellow students and hopes to make a larger positive impact as he joins the CGPSA.

Photo of Manouchehr (Manny) Hakhamaneshi Manouchehr (Manny) Hakhamaneshi, 2013-14

Civil Engineering
Other Affiliations: President of Geotechnical Graduate Student Society, Student Leadership Council

Manny Hakhamaneshi is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering. His research focuses on new design ideas for building bridges and buildings more seismically safe and implementing these new ideas into the design codes. He has received the Geotechnical Fugro Prize, UC Davis Department of Civil Engineering Scholarship, Egor Popov Structural Innovation Award, Rossmoor Scholarship and has also been on the Dean's Honor list. In addition, Manny has two years of experience in the industry as an engineering technician for City of Pittsburg and San Juan Water District. Manny enjoys playing piano and playing soccer in his free time.

Photo of Katja Herges.Katja Herges, 2012-14

German Graduate Program
Other Campus Affiliations: Chair of International Graduate Student Organization

Katja Herges is a Ph.D. student in German. Originally from Germany, she earned her M.D. from the University of Heidelberg before she was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University. At UC Davis, Katja integrates her background in medicine and neuroscience into the study of German literature and pursues research in the interdisciplinary field of medical humanities. Katja is particularly interested in improving the graduate experience for international graduate students. Beyond academia, Katja likes to backpack, climb, ski and bike in the Sierras.

Photo of Amandeep Kaur. Amandeep Kaur, 2012-14

Other Campus Affiliations: Graduate Ally Coalition, Graduate Student Association, Graduate Council, Chancellor's Campus Community Council, Campus Council on Community and Diversity, Professors for the Future and Police Advisory Board

Amandeep is a Ph.D. candidate in the theoretical solid state physics and is serving as Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor (GSADC) and Chair of the board. Prior to coming to the U.S. for her Ph.D., she earned her Bachelor's in Science (Math Honors) and Master's in Science (Physics Honors) from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. Amandeep is passionate about leadership and service. She is spearheading multiple initiatives with Diversity Dialogues on Graduate Education and Emerging Leaders in Policy and Public Service (ELIPPS) being her key initiatives as GSADC this year. She aims to apply her scientific knowledge and expertise to train next generation of leaders and to create equity for underrepresented groups in the U.S. and around the world. Amandeep enjoys dancing and reading in her free time.

Photo of Ralph McNeilage. Ralph McNeilage, 2013-14

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Other Campus Affiliations: Graduate Student Association Treasurer; Student Seminar Series coordinator for Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; Graduate Ally Coalition

Ralph is a fifth-year Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. His research revolves around the translocation of proteins across biological membranes, specifically those of the chloroplast. Ralph is interested in increasing funding opportunities for all graduate students across the campus. His free time interests include exercise, gardening, and chess.

Photo of Susan Perez. Susan Perez, 2012-14

Nursing and Health Care Leadership Graduate Group
Other Campus Affiliations: Arts and Lectures Committee Member

Susan Perez is a Ph.D. candidate in the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing and part of the Nursing and Health Care Leadership program inaugural cohort. Her research interest is using health information technology to improve access to health care services. She earned her master's of Public Health at Benedictine University with an emphasis in health administration. Susan attended UC Davis as an undergraduate, earning a B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior and a B.A. in Spanish Literature. In her spare time, she attends events at the Mondavi Center and enjoys community activities with her husband and children.

Photo of Destanie Rose. Destanie Rose, 2011-14

Graduate Group in Immunology
Other campus affiliations: Immunology Graduate Student Association Representative

Destanie Rose is working towards her doctoral degree in the area of Immunology with interests in psychoneuroimmunology and virology. As a member of the Ashwood lab, her research mainly focuses on the role gastrointestinal inflammation may play on behavior, especially in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. She received her B.S. in Biological Sciences from California State University, Chico in 2007. Before beginning grad school, Destanie worked in industry for two companies: Alta Analytical and Marrone Bio Innovations. Her interests include educating K-12 in science and encouraging interest in pursuing scientific careers. When not in the lab, her hobbies include running, biking and hiking.

Photo of Evan Sarina. Evan Sarina, 2013-14

Other Campus Affiliations: League of Legends Club, Davis Anime Club, Chemistry Club, Women in Science and Engineering, Graduate Academic Achievement and Advocacy Program, Graduate Ally Coalition, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Phi Omega

Evan is the proud product of the California educational system. He attended De Anza College, San Jose State University and finally University of California at Davis. He has a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Communication Studies from San Jose State University, and currently is a Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry. Throughout his higher education career he has been a student, tutor, traveler, mentor, researcher and educator. His research has included biochemistry research at Santa Clara University, and analytical, inorganic and organic chemistry at San Jose State University. Currently he studies fullerene and inorganic Chemistry. In his spare time, Evan mentors aspiring undergraduates, is heavily involved in community service, scientific outreach and directs a corporation. He dreams of becoming a professor of Chemistry so that he can train aspiring students to envision their dreams and then enabling the student to translate those dreams into reality.

Photo of Kristina Victor. Kristina Victor, 2012-14

Political Science Graduate Program

Kristina Victor is a fourth year doctoral student in Political Science. Her research examines political behavior in American politics, the use of cues in political decision-making, the mobilization of Latino voters, and the perception of threat among immigrant populations. Kristina earned an M.A. in International Affairs and a B.A. in International Relations from CSU, Sacramento. Kristina is especially interested in mentoring and retention programs for underrepresented minority graduate students on the UC Davis campus. In her free time, she enjoys running and watching as many baseball games as possible.