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Board Members 2009-10

Abigail BoggsAbigail Boggs, 2009-10

Abigail Boggs is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the cultural studies graduate program, she is writing her dissertation on the recruitment and education of international students at U.S. institutions of higher education with a particular focus on questions of gender, sexuality, race and transnational politics. Boggs is particularly interested in the impact of internationalization on the lives and academic experiences of all graduate students. She also works as a liaison between graduate students and the UC Davis administration by representing graduate students in various committees; assisting graduate students in finding services, staff and resources appropriate to their concerns; and helping to negotiate problems and grievances with their departments, faculty or staff. Boggs also served as a Graduate Assistant to Graduate Studies Dean and Chancellor.

William (Tre) S. BordenWilliam (Tre) S. Borden, 2009-10

Tre Borden is a second-year M.B.A. student from Sacramento, California. After receiving his B.A in East Asian Studies from Yale University in 2006, Borden worked in fashion in New York City and cofounded SuitsU Inc., a professional attire company specializing in bespoke designs that linked students and young professionals in the northeast with tailors in Shanghai’s fabric district. While applying to business school, Borden returned to California and pursued his interest in the emerging sectors of energy efficiency and sustainability. Before beginning at UC Davis’ Graduate School of Management, Borden began an internship for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson as the office’s green policy lead, which soon resulted in a Graduate School of Management (GSM) fellowship. As a GSM-mayoral fellow, Borden’s research was essential in the formation of the mayor’s Greenwise Initiative, a regional program aimed at advancing the capitol region to be the nation’s premier incubator for clean technology and sustainability practices. In the summer of 2010, after participating in a California Efficiency Center research project investigating the establishment of a National Center for a Clean Energy Workforce, Borden interned in the legislative affairs department of the California Independent Systems Operator. His research there included energy legislation and his skills were instrumental in the development of communication materials for legislators and energy stakeholders. In his free time, Borden enjoys reading, cooking and playing tennis.

Stephanie ChanStephanie Chan, 2009-10

Stephanie Chan is in the Biomedical Engineering program studying Biotribology Orthopaedic Biomechanics.



Angela HaeuslerAngela Haeusler, 2009-10

Angela Haeusleris a graduate student in the Linguistics Program with a focus on Second Language Acquisition. Angela has taught ESL classes for international students at UC Davis. In this environment where everybody is a newcomer to the United States, individual experiences of ESL speakers unfamiliar with academic procedures, course loads or grant applications are discussed quite frankly. Being an international student (from Germany) and second language speaker herself, Haeusler often can relate to these obstacles. She has found much pleasure in serving on boards and task forces in the Davis community, taking on tasks ranging from the evaluation of staff members at the CalAggie House to the formation of a new graduate student fellowship. Making the UC Davis community accessible to everybody has a high priority. Haeusler’s goal is to help fellow students overcome obstacles due to visible or invisible differentness. She is extremely excited about the opportunity to participate actively in the promotion of a campus that sparks as much drive and inspiration among her fellow students as it has sparked in her as an international grad student at UC Davis.

Andrew HallAndrew Hall, 2009-10

Andrew Hallis a fourth-year doctoral student in Nutritional Biology with a designated emphasis in International and Community Nutrition. His dissertation topic is the development of a local food-based approach to prevent micronutrient deficiencies among reproductive-age women in rural Vietnam. Using repeated quantitative dietary interviews, Hall identified risk for deficiency of multiple micronutrients including iron, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. Based on this and data from local markets, and funded by student grants (Pacific Rim, Fulbright and Jastro-Shields), Hall developed a low-cost daily nutritional supplement and examined the acceptability, effects on usual diet, and effects on markers of micronutrient status and common infections over six months among reproductive-age women in a rural community northwest of Hanoi. Some of Hall’s other activities at UC Davis have included Antique Mechanics Club president, faculty funding research for University Outreach and International Programs, quantification of antimicrobial proteins in milk from HIV-positive mothers, and private pilot lessons at the UC Davis Airport. Hall’s interests in this board include international studies, support for graduate education, and working with other graduate and professional students toward improving the quality of the UC Davis graduate experience.

Jihan KahssayJihan Kahssay, 2009-10

Jihan Kahssay is a law student in King Hall's class of 2012. As an Eritrean-Muslim immigrant born in Saudi Arabia, Kahssay is truly a world citizen, having lived in the Middle East, Europe and Canada. Her experiences abroad and her ability to speak multiple languages – including Arabic, French and Tigrinya – have shaped her global view on cultural awareness, sensitivities and traditions. Having gained basic human rights and civil liberties after emigrating West rather than having been born with them, Kahssay is committed to protecting human rights and hopes to continue to advocate for those basic rights that are too often systemically or culturally suppressed. Kahssay is working to establish a Pipeline Initiative with local middle school students to link underrepresented middle school students with King Hall law students through a regular mentoring regiment. The purpose of the project is to expose young students from underrepresented communities to law school. This model encourages students to aim for graduate school by familiarizing them with rigor of the environment. Kahssay  has worked with Legal Service of Northern California and My Sister’s House – the first and only non-profit organization to specifically identify and address the unique needs of women and children impacted by domestic violence in the Central Valley's highly diverse API community – to develop and implement a culturally sensitive legal clinic that will provide critical advice and representation to low income survivors of domestic violence (DV) in obtaining lawful immigration status pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) or alternatively, through applications for U or T visas for victims of crime and human trafficking, respectively.

Jorge Luis MorejónJorge Luis Morejón, 2009-10

Jorge Luis Morejón is a Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies.