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Board Members 2010-11

Lucas ArzolaLucas Arzola, 2010-11

Lucas Arzola is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering with a designated emphasis in Biotechnology. He received his B.S in Industrial Biotechnology with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez. His doctoral project focuses on developing a rapid and innovative method for production of an anthrax therapeutic in tobacco plants. Arzola participated in the UC Davis AGEP 2007 Summer Research Program, received an NSF Bridge to Doctorate Fellowship and is currently an NSF CREATE-IGERT Trainee. He was the team leader of Inserogen, the first prize winner of the 2010 Big Bang! Business Plan competition, which developed a venture based on an idea from his research. Lucas was also the 2009-2010 president of the UC Davis student chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), and the graduate student representative on the chancellor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Research. In his free time, Arzola enjoys reading and playing sports, especially basketball.

Miranda GoodmanMiranda Goodman, 2010-11

Miranda Goodman is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Psychology Department and works in the Social and Emotional Development Lab. Her research focuses on children's early attachment relationships to their caregivers, particularly within the context of at-risk families. Her dissertation research focuses on sources of variability in infant social referencing behavior, as well as the role that social referencing may play in the intergenerational transmission of anxious symptomatology from parent to child.

Kelley GoveKelley Gove, 2010-11

Gove received her B.A. in English and psychology from the University of New Hampshire, M.L.I.S. from Simmons College, and an M.A. in American Studies and Environment and Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming. Her M.A. thesis is entitled “Nature as Other: Debating Wyoming's Red Desert.” Gove is currently a second-year Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies, broadly interested in cultures of nature, landscapes and power, visual and material culture, and science studies. Gove was the recipient of the 2009-2010 Davis Humanities Institute research fellowship, as well as a DHI summer travel grant. She is a member of the Food and the Body Multi-Campus Research Program, serves as the graduate coordinator for the Environmental Humanities research cluster, is a California Humanities Scholar with the University of California Humanities Research Institute, and is on the Arts and Lectures Administrative Advisory Committee at the Mondavi Center.

Cassandra PaulCassandra Paul, 2010-11

Paul is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Physics department. Her dissertation research concerns interactions between instructors and students in physics classrooms, and how these interactions relate to student achievement in physics. Paul is interested in improving higher education at the graduate and undergraduate level by providing resources for instructors to emphasize critical thinking skills, and introduce interactive engagement to their classrooms. For this reason, she is particularly excited to work with Dean Gibeling and Chancellor Katehi in their efforts to refine the quality of higher education at UC Davis.
As the Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor, Paul acts as a liaison between graduate students and the administration. She represents graduate students in various committees; assists graduate students in finding services, staff, and resources appropriate to their concerns; and she helps them negotiate problems and grievances with their departments, faculty, or staff. Paul also serves as the coordinator of the Chancellor's Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board.

Brandon ZippBrandon Zipp, 2010-11

Brandon Zipp is in his fourth year of the biochemistry graduate group (BMCDB). His research focuses on late segregating chromosomes during mitosis, and other cellular events that initiate human cancers. Outside of the lab, Zipp strives to promote balance and well-being for students at UC Davis. In the long run he is interested in sharing his love for science, whether it takes him into the classroom, administrative policy-making, or any format that can reach and inspire the next generation of scientists and thinkers.

Milo CareagaMilo Careaga, 2009-11

Milo Careaga is a third-year doctoral student in the Immunology graduate group with a designated emphasis in Biotechnology working at the M.I.N.D institute in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Ashwood. Careaga's research is focused on looking at immune dysregulation in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the role of neurotransmitter receptors in immune regulation. Careaga's focus is to improve existing mentoring systems at UC Davis, as well as helping to develop new avenues for mentoring – such as peer-mentoring programs. He hopes more mentoring enhancement efforts will help support other graduate and professional students.

Colleen HinerColleen Hiner, 2009-11

Colleen Hiner conducts community-based research in Calaveras County, Calif. Her dissertation is focused on local perspectives of rural change and rural-urban interface. Hiner is a Ph.D. candidate in Geography and has a master's degree in Community Development from UC Davis. Hiner is former Peace Corps volunteer (Tanzania, 2003-2005) as well as a former Americorps volunteer. She has been active on campus throughout her tenure, serving on various committees, acting as a mentor formally and informally, and generally advocating for students' interests in any way that presents itself. Hiner is particularly interested in work/life balance issues for graduate students. In her free time, Hiner enjoys spending time with her family.

Karinna HurleyKarinna Hurley, 2009-11

Karinna Hurley is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Human Development department and works in the Infant Cognition Lab at the Center for Mind and Brain. Hurley studies the development of infant cognition between 4- and 12-months. Her dissertation is focused on how experience in the home in the first year of life influences learning in laboratory situations. Specifically, Hurley investigates how experiences with pet cats and dogs impacts infants' discrimination, categorization, and facial perception of animal images. In her free time, Hurley enjoys spending time with her horse, Sapphire.

Fiona ScottFiona Scott, 2009-11

Fiona Scott is a first-year student in the master's of Public Health Program at UC Davis. She is doing research involving increasing access to health services for victims of domestic violence. Scott has several areas of interest centered around health and wellness including, increasing health and fitness classes, working towards making UC Davis smoke-free and providing CPR/AED certification for campus faculty and staff. After obtaining her M.P.H. degree, Scott hopes to complete an additional master's program in epidemiology. In her free time, Scott likes to white water raft and visit Lake Tahoe.

Heather ThrockmortonHeather Throckmorton, 2009-11

Heather Throckmorton is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Horwath laboratory for Biogeochemical cycling in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources (LAWR). She is writing her dissertation on soil organic matter and the decomposition of microbial products in temperate and tropical forest soils. She also examines mineral controls of soil carbon in California. Throckmorton is involved in a variety of extracurricular programs at UC Davis, including the Engineers without Borders program which conducts agricultural extension in Nkokonjeru, Uganda; and EnvironMentors, a mentoring program for highschool students to conduct research, where she serves as both a mentor and graduate student coordinator. Throckmorton is particularly interested in promoting graduate student involvement in community outreach and mentoring programs, and in working on issues that promote equal opportunities for underprivileged individuals.