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Graduate Student Advisor to the Dean of Graduate Studies & Chancellor

The Graduate Student Advisor to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Chancellor

As a key leadership position, the Graduate Student Advisor to the Dean of Graduate Studies and to the Chancellor (GSADC) is the campus graduate student representative serving as a voice for graduate student concerns, needs and perspectives. In addition to their work with the Chancellor, the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Council and other campus administrators, the GSADC meets with graduate students, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and other graduate student groups and organizations. This position also provides the opportunity for professional development during which the GSADC may hone their leadership skills while also becoming familiar with university administration, particularly in relation to graduate education.

When to Contact the GSADC

Are you a current graduate or professional student at UC Davis? If so, the GSADC is available to assist you with a range of issues related to your experiences at UCD. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Questions about where/how to access campus resources
  • Confidential advice on dealing with difficult situations surrounding faculty, staff, or peers
  • Discussions about concerns related to administrative policies or graduate/professional student representation

The GSADC is ready and willing to engage with students via email or in person; in person meetings may take place in the Graduate Studies office (Mrak 250) or at the campus location of your choice. Meetings at off-campus locations, including downtown Davis, the Sacramento campus, or remote labs (Bodega Bay, Tahoe) are also possible. To set up an appointment or start a conversation by email, please email this year's GSADC, at

Gillian Moise

​Graduate Student Advisor to the Dean and Chancellor 2020-2021

Gillian Moise, a UC Davis Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, has assumed the role of Graduate Student Advisor to the Dean of Graduate Studies and to the Chancellor (GSADC) for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Gillian will serve as the primary student representative for graduate students at UC Davis, serving as a voice for graduate student concerns, needs and perspectives. Over the course of a year, she will work closely with Chancellor Gary May, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Jean-Pierre Delplanque, Graduate Council and other campus leaders.

Prior to assuming the role of GSADC, Gillian served as the Graduate Student Retention Coordinator for the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center, where she coordinated programming designed to help underrepresented graduate and professional students navigate the rigors associated with pursuing an advanced degree. Gillian also participated as a peer mentor in the First-Gen Grads Initiative Pilot Program developed to address the unique needs of first-generation graduate students. Working as a teaching assistant for the Department of Sociology, she has assisted undergraduate students better understand complex sociological theories.

Additionally, Gillian has a long history of serving school-aged children from marginalized communities. After attaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at St. John’s University and Master of Public Policy at George Washington University, she has worked at elementary and secondary schools where she created and implemented thought-provoking curricula designed to close critical gaps in standard education and prepare students for life beyond high school.

Email Gillian at if you would like to arrange a meeting to voice concerns about administrative policies, input your opinion on graduate student representation, or discuss difficulties encountered in your course of study.