Proposal Services

We provide an array of services depending on the particular requirements of the request for proposals. Our level of service may be limited by time constraints and availability, so please place your request as early as possible. Most training grant proposals take 3-4 months to prepare.

Identify Funding Opportunities

We can help you identify training grant funding opportunities. There are a number of tools that can help you customize your funding search!

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Proposal Preparation

Request Services

Timelines and Checklists

We can help you create a plan for your proposal development.

Templates and Examples

We are able to provide templates and examples of many proposal components. These may be generated to satisfy specific requirements of the request for proposals, or we may be able to provide examples from successful proposals due to the generosity of UC Davis researchers.

Recruitment Plan Development

Proposals involving graduate students and/or postdoctoral scholars commonly require a Recruitment Plan illustrating how the award PI or leadership team will recruit trainees. This plan must be specific to the proposed project or program, and often must address the recruitment of individuals from backgrounds historically underrepresented in the field of research relevant to the proposal. The Recruitment Plan Development Resource Document outlines the process for gaining support from the Graduate Diversity Officers and Training Grants Analyst in developing a Recruitment Plan and provides resources for use during development. 

Data Acquisition

Many proposals, particularly NIH T32 applications, require a great deal of campus data. We can access existing campus resources to acquire much of this information. We can format this data according to the proposal specifications. We can also work with your faculty and trainee participants to request additional information that is not captured by existing campus systems.

Proposal Assembly and Formatting

As you complete the sections of your proposal, we can assemble and format each element to ensure continuity throughout your proposal.

Biosketch Collection and Formatting

We will work with your co-investigators and faculty participants to collect and format biosketches that meet the requirements of the funding agency.

Matching Commitments Coordination

Some funding opportunities require an institutional commitment, and even funding agencies that prohibit cost-sharing encourage a demonstration of institutional support. We can help negotiate these matching commitments and provide advice for requesting support from Graduate Studies and the Administrative Coordinating Council of Deans (ACCD).

Post-award Support

We are working to provide some aspects of post-award support, depending on faculty needs. This may involve providing guidelines developed from existing training grants on campus and/or offering principal investigator workshops to address challenges and pool resources. We also want to provide guidelines on tracking trainees, completing progress reports, and maximizing the impact of program evaluations.

Management of Matching Commitments

Upon receipt of your award, we will work to ensure the matching funds you receive from Graduate Studies are appropriately allocated. We will negotiate tuition increases and disbursal of funds to the trainees or program as appropriate.