Information for Awardees

My grant was awarded! Now what??

  • Let us know! We love to hear this kind of news. It also helps us keep our records up-to-date for future applicants.
  • Contact the entities that offered cost-sharing or matching commitments. Funds and resources typically won't be automatically disbursed, and these funds might not be immediately available when you decide you need them. Work with your promisors to negotiate disbursal.
  • Keep track of your trainees, even after they graduate. This information is important for progress reports and grant renewals.
  • Make sure to meet funding organization deadlines (progress reports, evaluations, renewal, etc.).
  • Want to share what you've learned with other PI's? E-mail us!

Add your training program's event to our calendar

Contact us if you have special events you would like to add to our calendar. These events might include special seminars or presentations that are open to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars beyond those directly supported by your program.