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Past Winners of UC Davis Grad Slam

2019 Grad Slam Winners

First Place: 
Katie Murphy, Plant Biology
"Call the Plant Doctor"

​Second Place:
Riley Hughes, Nutritional Biology
"Getting Personal with Nutrition

Third Place and People's Choice: 
Nahrain Rasho, Political Science
"Regional Autonomy and Local Conflict"

Other UC Davis Finalists:

2018 Grad Slam Winners

First Place: 
Tooka Zokaie, Public Health
"At the Mouth of Health Access"

​Second Place:
Rachel Wigginton, Ecology
"Road to Recovery: Plant Invasion and Wetland Restoration on the California Coast"

Third Place: 
Divya Kernik, Biomedical Engineering
"An Electric Symphony: Understanding Variability in Heart Cells"

People's Choice:
Mayowa AdegboyegaAnthropology
"Reconstructing Human Evolution: A 3-D Jigsaw Puzzle"

Other UC Davis Finalists:

2017 UC Davis Grad Slam Winners

First Place: 
Sam WestreichIntegrative Genetics & Genomics
"A Better Understanding of the Gut Microbiome through Metatranscriptomics"

​Second Place:
Maci MuellerAnimal Biology
"Mess With the Bull - Don't Get the Horns: Gene-Editing to Improve Animal Welfare"

Third Place: 
Carina FishGeology
"Surface-Deep Connections: Ocean Acidification"

Other UC Davis Finalists

2016 UC Davis Grad Slam Winners

First Place: 
Matthew Savoca, Ecology
"Smell explains why marine animals eat plastic debris"   

Second Place:
Eric Walters, Microbiology
"Fungal-bacterial coculture for biofuel production"

Third Place:
Kevin Campbell, Biomedical Engineering
"Promoting Lymphatic Vessels to treat Cardiovascular Disease"

Videos of Previous Winners