Graduate Students

Preparing for UC Davis Grad Slam

Get Ready for Grad Slam

Getting ready to knock our socks off at Grad Slam? We can help. GradPathways, our premier professional development program, offers a variety of resources and workshops to help you prepare for the big competition.

Start By Reviewing the Competition Rules and Requirements

Visit this page to confirm your eligibility and submission requirements, and this page to view submission instructions and deadlines.

Create Your Presentation

Practice with Presentation Skill Consultations

The Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) offers personalized presentation skills consultations. These consultations can provide you with tools and feedback to improve the organization and delivery of your presentations. A TA Consultant will observe you presenting in class or in a practice session and then meet to discuss the presentation. This can ensure clarity and organization of ideas, enhance audience understanding, reduce anxiety about giving presentations, and promote student participation. Presentation skills consultations can help you enhance your in-class presentations, conference presentations, job talks, or other presentations. Learn more by visiting CEE's Learning and Teaching Consultation page.

Past Workshops and Podcasts

Getting Started With Grad Slam Info Session 

Prepare to Present

Winning the Grad Slam 


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