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Psychology Graduate Program Coordinator Angela Scully Receives Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator Award

Photo of Angela Scully "Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator"
Thursday, October 8, 2020 (All day)

The recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator Award should have the characteristics of a true leader: Inspiring, impactful, committed to UC Davis. Graduate Studies received numerous nominations and all of the nominees have shown excellence in graduate student support and advising this year.  It is our great pleasure to announce and congratulate Angela Scully as the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator Award. 

As the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Psychology graduate program, Angela demonstrates her commitment to supporting graduate students by leading program improvements as well as her excellent support of students, efforts to enhance diversity, and leadership and staff mentoring. She continually ensures graduate students receive information on valuable resources, serves as a mentor to fellow coordinators, and generously gives her time and expertise beyond the Psychology program. 

Angela is known to eagerly and consistently go above and beyond her abilities to create and foster supportive relationships. “Her door is always open,” said a graduate student, “she is willing to listen, and ask how you are doing, and is excited to celebrate achievements!” 

Since 2014, Angela has made lasting impacts on the graduate student community. In just six years, she has advanced the Psychology program to what it is today. For example, Angela made it a priority to have one-on-one meetings with graduate students to provide an extra level of support, which is not a trivial effort, as the average class size for the program is 22 students. She stayed true to her initiative to enhance diversity by doubling the number of underrepresented students in the Class of 2019. Angela also served on search committees in the Sociology and Anthropology graduate programs and the Senior Student Services Advisor for Graduate Studies.

Graduate Studies received numerous nominations and all of the nominees have shown excellence in graduate student support and advising this year:

  • Alisha Bartolomucci, Nutritional Biology
  • Angie Nguyen, International Agricultural Development
  • Annemarie Schaaf, Energy Systems, Transportation Technology & Policy
  • Carrie Armstrong-Ruport, Community Development, Geography
  • Christal Wintersmith, Biomedical Engineering
  • Christy Hansen, Agricultural Resource Ecnomics
  • Erin Kent, Integrative Pathobiology
  • Grace Woods, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Jessica Drushell, Immunology
  • Jessica Stoller & Alyssa Bates, Computer Science
  • Leah Galasso, Public Health Sciences
  • Marian Bilheimer, Music, Performance Studies
  • Mary Reid, Education
  • Najwa Marrush, Neuroscience
  • Rosaisela Rodriguez, CANDEL
  • Sacksith Ekkaphanh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Samantha Arcement, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Shila Ruiz, Soils and Biogeochemistry, Atmospheric Science, Hydrologic Sciences
  • Stephanie Fallas, Communication, Linguistics
  • Theresa Garcia, Entomology, Plant Pathology

Please join us in thanking Angela and all our wonderful nominees for all they do!

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