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Fourth Annual Provost's Fellowship Award Ceremony

Sunday, March 13, 2016 - 12:00am

Provost Hexter and all the fellowship awardees pose for a photo.March 2016 opened with its annual Provost Fellowship award ceremony to congratulate UC Davis graduate students in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences departments for outstanding research and academic excellence. Attendees snacked on tasty finger-foods while each Fellowship recipient was honored by the dean of their college.

The 2016 Provost Awards Ceremony marks the fourth year of what has become a UC Davis tradition. The Provost Fellowship provides incentive for new graduate students and recognizes the excellence of those approaching departure from their UC Davis journey (although many would say a part of UC Davis always stays with them). The distinction is captured with the two categories of Provost Fellowships: one for first-year students, and the other for dissertation-year students. Fifty graduate students are rewarded with a $25,000 stipend, along with coverage of their tuition and fees for the year. 

This year marked Vice Provost - Graduate Education and Dean - Graduate Studies Jeffery C. Gibeling’s last presentation of the awards. Dean Gibeling opened by delivering yet another moving introductory speech to thank graduate students for the hard work that makes UC Davis’ graduate program what it is today, for their influential contributions to research in their fields of study, their matchless devotion to their work, and their perseverance through academic toil. 

Following Dean Gibeling’s introduction, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter, spoke of the significance of graduate work in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences departments, within a primarily STEM-oriented system. Provost Hexter praised the work of graduate students from these departments, and reminded the audience of how crucial these departments are in composing and maintaining the well-rounded reputation of UC Davis’ prestigious graduate program. The Provost Fellowship aims to help opportunities become more attainable for these graduate student recipients, and enhance their UC Davis experience.

The Provost Awards Ceremony ended with a series of speeches from several recipients detailing how the Fellowship has enriched their experience here at UC Davis. Recipients dedicated toasts to family, friends, mentors, and loved ones, some to indulging in the rigor involved in pursuit of a Ph.D., others to anecdotes and emotional tales of their unique academic journeys. Each speech shared the advantages and special opportunities brought within arm’s reach—made possible by the resources allocated generously by the Provost, to recognize our deserving, spectacular graduate students.

2015-2016 Recipients

  • Social Sciences

  • Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies

  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • First-Year Fellowships
    Eli Alston-Stepnitz, Sociology
    Ari Conterato, Anthropology
    Grace Davis, Anthropology
    James Falin, Communication
    Katherine Finnigan, Psychology
    Jordan Hamzawi, Political Science
    Glen Heinrich-Wallace, Linguistics
    Christopher Lawrence, Sociology
    Devin Leigh, History
    Heather Mayer, Psychology
    Miguel Novoa, History
    Katherine Pfannes, Psychology
    Ashley Serpa-Flack, History

    Dissertation-Year Fellowships
    Chloe East, Economics
    Tyrus Fisher, Philosophy
    Brian Halpin, Sociology
    Jeremy Mikecz, History
    Daniel Moglen, Linguistics
    Adrien Yen, Anthropology
  • First-Year Fellowships
    Cinthya Ammerman, Native American Studies
    Henry Bell, Art
    Leonardo de Oliveria Silva, Spanish
    Rachel Dewitt, English
    Kristine Doiel, Dramatic Art
    Kristine George Bagdanov, English
    Elizabeth Giardina, English
    Kristen Hanley Cardozo, English
    Sarah Haughn, Performance Studies
    Marta Llorente Bravo, Spanish
    William Mahan, German
    Carmine Morrow, Comparative Literature
    Anne O'Connor, Cultural Studies
    Patricia Pilas, Cultural Studies
    Miguel Rojo Polo, Spanish
    Tracy Sachs, Study of Religion
    Ryan Suleiman, Music
    Ante Ursic, Performance Studies

    Dissertation-Year Fellowships
    Ian Afflerbach, English
    Megan Ammirati, Comparative Literature
    Rusty Bartels, Cultural Studies
    Mrinmoyee Batacharya, French
    William Cooper, Music
    Bayu Kristianto, Native American Studies
    Julia Alejandra Morales Fontanilla, Cultural Studies
    Victoria White, Comparative Literature
    John Zibell, Performance Studies

  • First-Year Fellowships
    Puja Singhal, Agricultural & Resource Economics
    Tor Tolhurst, Agricultural & Resource Economics

    Dissertation-Year Fellowships
    Diane Charlton, Agricultural & Resource Economics
    Kristen Snyder, Geography

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