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Designated Emphasis Requirements

A student who applies for a designated emphasis must be enrolled in an affiliated doctoral program. Each designated emphasis program has a chair with authority for admitting students into the emphasis area. Since Graduate Studies does not maintain a list of participating faculty, the DE chair is the sole signature authority for all forms relating to DE approval. 

The admission procedure for a designated emphasis is as follows:

  1. Student completes a Designated Emphasis Application
  2. The student, graduate program adviser, and DE chair sign the application before returning it to Graduate Studies.
  3. Graduate Studies verifies the form’s information with the student’s current program affiliation, academic standing, and enrollment. The Dean of Graduate Studies will verify the student’s eligibility for acceptance into the designated emphasis. 
  4. A copy of the approved form is returned to the student, program, and the DE staff person.
  5. When the student applies to take the qualifying exam, the DE chair will sign the appropriate block on the QE application form indicating that the student has completed all coursework and is prepared to take the exam. A faculty member from the DE will serve as part of the exam committee.
  6. When the student passes the exam and advances to candidacy, the DE chair will indicate approval by signing the appropriate block of the Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy form. 
  7. The Designated Emphasis Report Form Final Verification is used to verify that all DE requirements are completed. The student obtains the DE chair’s signature to indicate satisfaction of all DE requirements. The student will not be added to a degree list until this form is submitted to Graduate Studies.