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Graduate Diversity Resources

Graduate students Dionica Bell, Will Turner IV and Bernnadette Best-Green chat during the Black Graduate & Professional Student Association meeting in Hart Hall

Diversity Resources for Future Graduate Students

Graduate Preparation Programs at UC Davis

Graduate Studies is home to a number of programs designed to prepare educationally or economically disadvantaged undergraduate students for success in graduate education. These programs include the McNair Scholars Program, the Guardian Professions Program and UC LEADS. Learn more about these programs by visiting our Graduate Preparations Programs page or view a comprehensive list of sponsored research programs on the Undergraduate Research Center website.

Envision UC Davis

Envision UC Davis is a program aimed at creating a more diverse and talented workforce at UC Davis, in the State of California, and the nation. Participants learn about the graduate programs at UC Davis, engage with current graduate students and faculty, Receive helpful tips about the graduate school application process. Accommodations, meals, and transportation subsidies will be provided for all accepted participants. Learn more by visiting the Envision UC Davis website.

AB 540 & Undocumented Student Center 

UC Davis acknowledges the barriers AB 540 and undocumented students face and is committed to providing students access to all levels of higher education. As part of this commitment UC Davis officially opened its AB 540 & Undocumented Student Center in the Fall of 2014. The Center offers personalized support to undocumented graduate and undergraduates students, their families and communities in overcoming many of the legal, financial, and professional obstacles they may face along the journey of obtaining higher education. Please see the AB 540 & Undocumented Graduate Student Resource Page for more information.

Other Services, Programs, and Resources

Diversity Resources for Incoming and New Graduate Students

Graduate Diversity Orientation Program

New graduate students at UC Davis attended the Graduate Diversity Orientation Program (GDOP). This orientation focuses on diversity issues in higher education and success in graduate school. GDOP engages students committed to diversity, with issues they may experience in their first year and the changing demographics at UC Davis, in California, and in the U.S. Through skill building workshops, interactive panels, and networking with diversity peers, faculty and staff, the GDOP prepares students to successfully navigate graduate school in their first year, balancing their commitments while becoming themselves resources and advocates for a diverse and inclusive campus community

Diversity Resources for Continuing Graduate Students

Student and Community Groups

Graduate Student groups are a great way meet other diversity graduate students and to pursue targeted networking through social and cultural affiliations. If you don’t see a graduate student group listed here to meet your needs or interests please see the Center for Student Involvement website to search through a complete list of current students groups or follow the link on how to register your own graduate student group.

Professional Development and Mentorship Support

Making the most out of your educational experience at UC Davis includes taking advantage of many opportunities for professional development offered on campus. These opportunities informational workshops, lectures and seminars by professionals across a variety of fields, and certifications programs to add valuable skills to your professional CV. These opportunities are offered through a range of University departments intended to foster graduate student success. We recommend by starting with GradPathways, our premier professional development program for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. 

UC Davis Resource Centers

Diversity Resources for Postdoctoral Scholars

Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The UC Davis Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers postdoctoral research fellowships, faculty mentoring, and eligibility for the UC-system hiring incentive to outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity at the University of California.

President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program was established in 1984 to encourage outstanding women and minority Ph.D. recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California.

Other Services, Programs, and Resources

Diversity Resources for UC Davis Faculty and Staff

Graduate Diversity Officers

Graduate Diversity Officers (GDOs) are designated as a primary professional resource to address graduate student diversity experiences at UC Davis. Josephine Moreno, responsible for addressing graduate students and programs in the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences (HASS). As part of their work off campus, our Graduate Diversity Officers are charged with increasing the pool of talented, competitive diversity graduate students by recruiting at colleges and universities. Likewise, on the UC Davis Main Campus the GDOs offer professionalizing workshops, provide academic support, and overall contribute to a welcoming and supportive campus culture for a diverse graduate student population. 

Mentoring Programs and Initiatives 

At UC Davis, we believe that mentorship is a priceless investment in student and institutional success. UC Davis Graduate Studies supports and advances graduate faculty-student mentoring through a variety of efforts, most notably the Mentoring at Critical Transitions Seminar Series. A comprehensive list of resources for both faculty mentors and student mentees can be found on the Graduate Studies mentoring page.

Other Services, Programs, and Resources