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Graduate Studies Strategic Plan

UC Davis graduate students researching the Grand Canyon.

Envisioning Excellence

UC Davis Graduate Studies' 2016-2019 Strategic Plan

In 2016, UC Davis Graduate Studies embarked on a six-month strategic planning process to guide the department’s activities and growth over the next three years. 

Over the course of the strategic planning process, four priorities emerged, which together promote an inclusive, diverse environment and a culture of communication, respect, support and academic excellence. Each of the four strategic priorities are bolstered by specific objectives and recommended supporting goals.

Our goal is to expand and enhance the quality of graduate education at UC Davis, and to strengthen the wide array of administrative, academic and financial support systems, thereby enabling our graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and faculty to focus on academic success, innovative research and scholarship. We invite all members of the campus community to join us in bringing these goals to fruition. Each graduate student, postdoctoral scholar, faculty and staff member has the ability to positively impact the future of graduate education at UC Davis.

Click the strategic priorities below to learn more about our goals and planned initiatives.