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Graduate Student Orientation - All Graduate Students

Graduate Student Orientation - September 20-21, 2017

The Graduate Student Orientation is for all incoming graduate students. 

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General Sessions on September 20:

  • Navigating University Funding & Financial Aid
  • Overview
    Funding graduate school is a significant financial commitment, but the funding experts in Graduate Studies can help make it easier. This workshop will help incoming students navigate the various funding methods at UC Davis. Information about accounting systems, fellowships, academic appointments, and educational loans will be discussed.  

    Steven Albrecht, Director of Graduate Student Financial Support

    Navigating University Funding & Financial Aid Presentation
    Graduate Studies Student Financial Support Website
    Graduate Studies Student Academic Employment Website
  • Intro to UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct
  • Overview
    An introduction to the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct and how our campus addresses academic misconduct. This will include statistics about academic misconduct cases and current trends. Graduate students are in a unique position since they are subject to the Code as students, but also serve as reporting parties as TA's and Associate Instructors.  After attending, participants should know what constitutes academic misconduct and understand the process for resolving reported cases. The participants should learn how to recognize potential academic misconduct, how to respond to the situation, and how to report to the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs.

    Don Dudley, Director of OSSJA

    Student Support and Judicial Affairs Website
    Code of Academic Conduct
  • Mandatory Sexual Violence Prevention Training
  • UC Davis requires that all new graduate and professional students complete in-person mandatory sexual violence prevention training (SVPT) within the first six weeks of their beginning classes at UC Davis.  Topics covered in the program include definitions of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and consent; social norms which contribute to violence; upstander intervention; confidential campus and community resources; and reporting options.

    If you are unable to attend the mandatory sexual violence prevention training, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to take it another date and time by contacting

    Danésha Nichols, Director of the Harassment and Discrimination Assistance & Prevention Program
    Ivy Griffin, Education & Case Specialist 

    Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Website

  • Establishing a Work-Life Balance

  • Overview
    Most graduate students come to graduate school ready to work hard and focus on academics. However, it can become difficult to maintain peak focus and energy levels. Finding ways to support yourself can help maintain your balance and quality of life so that you can be successful both professionally and personally. In this workshop, staff from Student Health and Counseling Services will talk about how to utilize support, overcome stigma in seeking support, and provide ideas to maintain a work-life balance in graduate school. 

    Bai-Yin Chen, Psychologist

    Student Health and Counseling Services Website
    Wellness Services

Breakout Sessions on September 21: