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GradSphere is live now! You can log in at gradsphere.ucdavis.edu.

GradSphere is a digital tool innovating how the UC Davis graduate education community manages services for nearly 10,000 student, faculty and staff users.

A Brief History of GradSphere

GradSphere emerged to meet the need for a more efficient system that would improve faculty, staff and graduate student workflows while elevating the UC Davis graduate educational experience. Working in partnership with Appian and IET, Graduate Studies focused on implementing a business process automation tool that would transition services away from paper- and PDF-based forms. This platform further catalyzes how Graduate Studies – in conjunction with the broader UC Davis graduate education community – continues to work toward moving the UC Davis graduate education landscape forward.

Timeline to April 1, 2024 Launch
A timeline for GradSphere


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Has GradSphere launched?
  • Yes! It's live now!

    As of April 1, 2024, all academic advising forms have transitioned over from Box to GradSphere. Other Graduate Studies forms (such as financial aid forms) will remain in Box for now.
  • Who is involved in leading/launching this initiative?
  • Graduate Studies Sponsors: Jean-Pierre Delplanque (Dean), Erum Abbasi Syed, Duncan Temple Lang
    IET Advisors: Neeraj Chauhan, Sonja Colbert, Mark Thonen

    Project Managers and Core Project Team: 
    Managers: Jasmine Bonite (Graduate Studies) and Julie McCall (IET)
    Core Project Team: Sarah Driver (Graduate Studies), Will Angel (Graduate Studies), John King (Graduate Studies), Jose Boveda (IET)

    Stakeholder Advisory Group: 
    Graduate Program Coordinators: Sam Arcement, Alisha Bartolomucci, Andi Carr, Ryan Gorsiski, Stephanie Fallas, Alyssa Parsons, Christal Wintersmith, Lauren Worrell
    Graduate Students: Daniel Castaneda (2023-2024 GSADC), Benjamin Fong (2023-2024 GSA President)
  • Who will have access to GradSphere?
  • GradSphere is a tool for graduate students, graduate program faculty, graduate program coordinators and Graduate Studies staff. The purpose of this tool is to enable users to initiate, manage and track graduate forms and workflows in a more streamlined, transparent and user-friendly way.