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Questions about the UC Davis Envision Program

The team behind the Envision Program is happy to assist you with any questions you may have about program details, travel accommodations, or networking opportunities. For more information about the Envision UC Davis program, please email envision@ucdavis.edu.

Additional Resources

Graduate Preparation Programs at UC Davis

Graduate Studies is home to a number of programs designed to prepare educationally or economically disadvantaged undergraduate students for success in graduate education. These programs include the McNair Scholars Program, the Guardian Professions Program and UC LEADS.

While these programs are sponsored by Graduate Studies, there are numerous sponsored research programs offered to undergraduate students at UC Davis. Most of these programs provide a combination of academic enrichment, advising, and the opportunity to conduct research under the supervision of faculty mentors. Each program defines its own eligibility criteria, often dependent upon the program's funding source. To view a comprehensive list of sponsored research programs, visit the Undergraduate Research Center website.

Graduate Diversity Officers

The role of Graduate Diversity Officers is to:

  1. Provide leadership to deans, faculty, academic programs, Academic Senate committees and administrative units to develop and implement recruitment and retention strategies that eliminate barriers for historically underrepresented graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  2. Advise, counsel, and advocate for historically underrepresented graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in order to enhance their success at UC Davis.
  3. Write or provide support of grant proposals for resources to administer programs that enhance diversity within graduate education.

Learn more about our graduate diversity officers and other diversity staff members by visiting our diversity professionals page.