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Graduate Diversity Professionals

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Graduate Diversity Officers 

Josephine Moreno, Ph.D.
Graduate Diversity Officer, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) & Education

An alumna of UC Davis, Josephine Moreno is the Graduate Diversity Director for Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences (HASS) and Education.  She comes to UC Davis from UC Berkeley where she was the Graduate Diversity Director in the Arts & Humanities Division.  Prior, she was also a faculty member at the University of Rhode Island. Josephine is committed to supporting diversity students to successfully complete their graduate degrees at UC Davis. 

Students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and staff may contact Josephine by emailing

Graduate Studies Diversity Professionals

UC LEADS Program

Lynne Arcangel
Coordinator, UC LEADS
Professional Development & Diversity

Lynne enjoys the variety of programming and activities in her position as Coordinator of UC LEADS, Professional Development & Diversity. As a native of Davis, she appreciates the opportunity to share her experiences and stories about the campus and surrounding community to students considering UC Davis for graduate study.

Students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and staff may contact Lynne by emailing

McNair Scholars Program and Guardian Professions Program

Jose M. Ballesteros, Ph.D.
Director, McNair Scholars Program

Jose works with the McNair staff and graduate assistants to help McNair Scholars make the transition from inexperienced undergraduates to skilled researchers and intellectual colleagues. His vision as the McNair Program Director is to cultivate an environment where scholars are given all the necessary tools to excel academically and prepare to pursue a doctorate degree. Jose holds a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology from the University of California, Davis.  

Students, faculty and staff may contact Jose by emailing

Jacques Bowyer
McNair Outreach Coordinator and Advisor

As the McNair Scholars advisor, Jacques assists underrepresented students to realize their dreams of pursuing a Ph.D. and completing graduate school. He feels that strong, solid connections are the key to a student’s success.  Jacques’ commitment is evident in his words, “Counseling and advising are not only my profession, but my passion”.

Students may contact Jacques by emailing

UC Davis Diversity Professionals and Resources

For your reference we have assembled the contact information of on campus diversity professionals and key graduate students and resources. Graduate students and the broader campus community are encouraged to be in contact with these persons or resources regarding diversity questions or issues.  See UC Davis Graduate Diversity Professionals and Resources handout.